Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Monkey House

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One of the problems I find with some time-capsules is the lack of outside photography. They are generally shrouded in trees, greenery, ivy, and every other creeping vine type I can think of.

It makes for a bad cover photograph. That makes for fewer eyes on my content as it may look boring. The truth is, they have the best junk inside to rummage through if that is what gets you hard and sweaty.


I also cannot divulge any history, even if I could find any due to thieves and robbers doing reverse look-ups on the internet.

I visit and take nothing. Many others will take anything they can get. It's not fucking cool at all and in the end, the thieves may kill this great hobby of mine.

Thank you once again @grindle for sharing this epic place that is located in central London right next to Buckingham palace and occasionally lived in by her majesty.

Now you know where to look..., you can go there too.


…’you can barely see this one from the original road entrance, it’s that overgrown’…

Getting on my hands and knees for at least part of the time, I crawled through a snaking path leaving a waiting @bingbabe in the car once again.


“I won’t be long, drive away if any nosey motherfuckers start showing up”, I told her with a grin.


There was a house there... somewhere in the middle of all this greenery.

After fiddling with a weird chain that was attached to the door I was inside and viewing a lifetime of memories.


Someone disabled used to live here.


That record player; I had one similar when I was a teenager. Real mono sound but mine was a Grundig. The arm and grey base looked just the same.



That time handle has been likely stuck at 2.30 for years. It was extremely dark inside and I was glad of the massive light I carry around.



Mills and Boon books such as 'The Italian Studs Massive Cock' and 'The Greek Billionaire's Eternal Hardness' I am accustomed to as @bingbabe likes reading them.




The weekly magazines are dated 2001. How long has it been empty?


I’m sure some others have been in here, the good type who do not smash things up.



Even so, they are always untidy which means people have been rummaging through the possessions before I got here.



Ancient Pringles - yum-yum. The newspaper clipping is a football match, nothing too interesting.


That old scale is quite vintage.


Now we are going back to the '80s. I looked up 'The Spiritual Healer' but could not find any record of it.


Big hair and the brightest colours ever was a thing in that decade.



I do wonder if the past owners left naked, considering the amount of clothing left.




I spotted a Monkey..







Who did not order by catalogue in the last century? Get the stuff and pay over 26 weeks on tick. It was quite normal. GUS was swallowed up in 2006 signalling the end of an era.


This monkey took me by surprise and made me jump. I named the house after him for lack of a better name.



It’s a recurring theme that some rooms you cannot enter as they are overflowing with stuff.


Grandfather’s finest suit and ties still wait here for collection.


Those are not size 3 but 8. The lady of the house had large feet.



That’s some decay up there and tells me that it may well be over a decade of abandonment.


The caravan took some getting too, I was glad of the jeans that day. It was hot but wearing shorts would have torn up my legs.


How old is that globe? Persia and Arabia? It could be a mock-up of something old, or could genuinely be very old.


The rest of the caravan was a pain in the arse to get too and like the house, it was crammed with junk, but not the interesting type.


Unless beds showing their springs does it for you.

I would have liked to have spent a little longer in The Monkey House but felt a little sorry for my wife sitting around waiting for me.


Another lovely time capsule added to my list.


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Everything about this post reminds me of an old house in my hometown that I used to explore (back in the '80's). The owner seemed like he had been a bit of a hoarder, had similar taste in wallpaper/trinkets/stuff and there was a wheelchair that we used to zip around on while investigating.

We figured it had been abandoned for at least a decade. The floor boards were creaky and there was obvious water damage from an unmet roof.

At one point, I saw a picture of the house from the 60's. The lawn was immaculate, him and his wife were proudly standing out front with a shiny car in the driveway. It always amazed me how quickly nature took back the land that they had been living on.

Ah, the before and after photographs. They are always great to compare. Nature does not take long to get back its control.

When I was a kid, I also got into an abandoned house. It was untouched, and as bad as I was when young, I left it in the same state.

Eventually, I found the back-story. The wife had got cancer and in a couple of years had died. The husband was hit with massive depression. Lost his zest for life, wouldn't sell/donate his wife's belongings. Rarely left the house, except for the necessities.

At some point, he tripped and broke his hip - then was wheelchair bound until his final days.

That looks so much like my Nana's old farmhouse it's uncanny. The clocks are identical to hers and that old-style AGA is just the same as I remember in the 70s. She also had an ITT radio.
Someone looks like they ransacked the place quite methodically looking for the stash of hidden cash. I wonder if they found it?
The house was in Wales I assume from all the Welsh language? I'd love to know what model that M reg Triumph was!
Great find. I hope it stays that way!

Yes mate, deepest Wales where half of the houses are abandoned. Think Bradford but on a rural scale. I'm going to the city of dereliction this Saturday in the hopes of finding more wrecks, there are still some left.

haha, I'm not a huge fan of Wales but calling them 'the rural Bradford' is harsh!

Monkey madness!!

That globe looked blummin awesome. I would love one like that. Well, maybe a bit cleaner :O)

The big monkey didn't half shit me up! Talk about in your face.

Shit me up...

Lol, that made me guffaw

Call it... a local colloquialism 😀

A nice expedition! So many memories for somebody who left the house.

Time capsules are often like this, some are in better condition than others.

I know. 2021 -Viktorshöhe.jpg

Now that's more like what I am accustomed too!

Another excellent explore. Whenever I see owt like this, I always think that this house was once someone’s pride and joy etc.

They are few and far between. Usually in the middle of nowhere!

A bastard to get into! But once in so much treasure to enjoy, you found some good stuff.
Cymru am Byth

I think I mentioned the caravan to you in private messages. Only the globe was worth seeing. It was a pain to get in to the caravan, lots of junk and nettles in the way!

Yes remember now it was there!!! Nice one

I have a globe that now counts as "vintage," I suppose. It is from that era between Hawaii and Alaska both becoming states. The former is still marked as a territory.

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