Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Tin House

in Urban Exploration2 months ago (edited)

I was given this one (and several others coming up) in absolute confidence (thanks @grindle), and short of tying me down and subjecting my limbs to the rack, I won't give them out to anyone.

It was the end of September and the weather was starting to fade as we approached a nearby lay-by. A few drops of rain were threatening and there was a distinct chill in the air (though it looks like blue sky and blazing sun).


@bingbabe was refusing to accompany me; perhaps it was the warning on the gate deterring would-be trespassers from entering this field full of mature ferocious-looking lambs.., NOT Pigs.


As there was a house in full view of this particular field (you can see it), I decided to jump the gate into the field left of it, as it shrouded me from any nosey bastards that would otherwise save my life from those... ahem... 'KILLER PIGS'.

All was going well until I hit this pig trough surrounded by rotting wood and barbed wire. I needed to vault over to get into the pig field.


One false move and my foot would be submerged into filthy, green freezing water. After a wobble on the wood surrounding the trough, I deftly sidestepped the nettles, rusty wire and hopped over the fence into the field of pigs…, except there were no pigs.

Quietly congratulating myself as the house was now covered by a hill I studied ‘The Tin House’, or sometimes named ‘The Biker’s House’ by the few who have ever been here.


It looks impenetrable but there was a nice semi-trodden path snaking its way through brambles and undergrowth plus the front door was open.


Being off the beaten track has saved this one else it would already have been ransacked and emptied.


Is that an old-fashioned stove, heated by a log or coal fire? The Tin House does have a chimney so I am guessing so.


As rusty and old as they are, there is no doubt these would have been nicked if this ever got on to the Tour Bus.




I’m sure it was comfortable once, and there is the Biker’s helmet.


The registration plate ‘W’ is from around 1980, and he left his boots when vacating. Must have been an uncomfortable tromp across those fields barefoot.


Real Biker boots from another time?



Ferguson TV’s were as cheap and plastic as you can get, I wonder if it’s colour or an old black and white set?


The Curse of Minerva is a curious mix of Greek mythology and poetry; very intellectual.



I should have checked the date, I watched this show as a kid unaware that it had lots of references to drugs at the time and would not be politically correct now.


He’s a violin player too? I saw no musical instruments.


Parts of the Tin House were a little dark, and I left my bloody torch in the car. There was no way I was going back for it.



Holes in the floor occur naturally after years of neglect as does part of your house caving in.


For the reader of the Magic Roundabout perhaps?


He's a biker, football player, lover of ancient poetry, and string musician. That's quite a repertoire of talents and interests.


Leaving The Tin House, I noticed another broken-down building a few hundred yards away. After struggling through all the brambles it was just a shit-covered filthy pig barn.


Those pigs.., at least they could have shown me their snouts and wrath before I left.


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This was a charmer! The stove was a pretty cool find and everything was intact. Don't give away that location, I have seen some of the places you have gone where they strip it clean.

Probably biker boots, my first guess was military boots. Oh, yes. Add that to his repertoire, as if he doesn't have enough. I have sheets and sheets of flute and piano music which I used to play and no longer have time and the movers broke my piano. I never replaced it. Long story. Anyway, the music doesn't surprise me as much as how people just up and leave these houses just like that celebratory moment for born-again Christians, the Rapture. Ah, the spiritual dream. Who wasn't tortured by that dream? Yikes.Blankets hanging off the bed, tea cup coffee cup still there. By the way, I have that cup of the queen, even bought it in England or more to the fact, my mother did and now it is mine. Or looks like it. The Magic Roundabout. Hehe... How many kids were fed drug-induced fun and the parents paid good money for it. :)

I loved this one.

I have kept this off Facebook and Twitter, and will be doing the same with a few more upcoming time-capsule's I did last year. I don't want them destroyed by idiots, so the less know.. the better.

It feels strange walking into these places, I tell ya. A very unique feeling.

FAcebook people may be able to identify a few things, so I don't blame you. I look forward to the up-and-coming. That is probably my worst fear, to destroy something that has been in place over 40 years without displacement and someone comes in there with the gall to pocket the pieces of history without nary a thought.

I am glad that you can go in and leave it, just as it were.

Oh, I am sure it is like walking into an apocalyptic scene. Yikes.

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Thanks @lizanomadsoul 😀

I've never questioned your content. On the contrary, they're quite entertaining. There's way too many blue skies in this one, though, where tf are you?! Don't make me fact check dude.

I'm in the UK (a way south of Mr Chops) and we have blue skies today.

Alert the press!


It's actually not rained here in a while. Very dry for this time of year. May be able to put the pool up soon.

I really have no room to talk here, we're currently in Knoxville, Tennessee, and it was raining so hard this morning, the rain gutters woke me up. By the time I enjoyed my first cup'0 tea cup of coffee, the sun was out. I'm not a fan of it, where I come from it's just blue.

Unlike Yorkshire compared to London. We were ssooo bundled up last time we left the north, we were Gremlins when we stepped out in London.

I'm not far from London and have been asked by foreigners about 'the fog'. They've seen too many old movies.

BTW I don't drink tea. Don't tell the authorities!

Where am I? All I will say is.. deepest Wales.

Contrary to public opinion about it constantly raining in the UK, we are blessed with blue skies sometimes. I make a point of doing explores when the weather is like this.., it lifts my spirits you see.. 😀, though it was not as totally blue as it looked that day.

Oh nice!! Wales, very cool. I give all Brits a tough time about that gray dome overhead all the time.

Pura and I spent 2 days in Wales dude, toured Conway Castle.. smallest house, those things. But the craziest shit was when I heard them dudes speaking the language I saw on the train cars on the way over!

Thought for sure "czwd" was type of safety code on the seat in front of me—nope!! Apparently no vowels is Welsh.

Apparently no vowels is Welsh.

I'm sure @grindle can confirm, outside of Araf (slow down) and Panad (slang for a cup of tea), I am quite useless at this alien language. As for the weather.. I have cancelled more than one UX day 'cause the weather was shit.

That's why you will see more blue sky than average on my posts. You don't want to be climbing walls when it's wet (mud problems), and scrambling through brambles (soaked feet problems). There is a method in the madness.

We have fucking vowels !!!!

cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon

With the biker helmet, boys and assorted items is like a raiders den from fallout 4!

Might get a Beware of the Pigs sign for my front garden. Scare the cold callers away :0)

I had a scour on the net for that sign, and could not find one. Was it custom made? There are some others...


It would be a cool one to knock up!

Happy as a pig in...?

Nice little time capsule there. Seems to be a thing in Wales. That crash helmet is definitely vintage.

Wales has more than it's far share. It is quite rural where I live, but I never find them around here, and I do google scan at times.

Was that one of those Lambo's that everyone seems to be looking for? It sure did look like one to me! I am glad this was a good find for you. There seemed to be a lot of really cool stuff laying about.

This is well off the scene, I saw it once last year by someone else, and then by @grindle more than a year ago. It was 7 months since I was there. The dying embers of summer.

It's just around the corner again now!

Blue sky outside here, but it's not warm... yet.

Glad you did it, nice little mooch. Forgot to mention the old barn wasn’t worth the struggle oops my bad!

Just how I like them, 15-20 mins tops and you are done. I don't think the farmer spotted me though on the way back I marched through the killer lambs uncaring.. like you do!

Dang those cars are rad. Having seen the price of some old metal toys like that, I bet a person could do a bit of minimal restoration and get a decent return on it! Those kinds of items would be worth popping into an image search to find the name and then an ebay to see what the running price on them is.

I wouldn't know their value. This is why the community is so guarded about time-capsules. It would not cross my mind to take things out, it's not a done thing.

That makes sense. It's pretty rad that folks who are serious leave it alone.

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