The Stress and Struggles of Authors on Hive Blockchain

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Blogging can be seen as an activity that keeps the blockchain running which requires the beneficial input of both the authors and curators of the financial ecosystem. It can be regarded as a struggle for survival of the fittest and elimination of those unfit to be enterprising users of the blockchain.



To be sincere, Blogging have not been an easy one. It requires great deals of commitment, passion, diligence, patience and perseverance. Most Authors on the hive #blockchain take their time, burn their data by going an extra mile to produce quality original contents for desirable upvotes and yet get rewarded less than expected while some others are fortunate. Many at times, most contents displayed on the blog are not even read at all talkless of being accorded a desirable support or feedback commentary. Some authors even goes as far as engaging in diverse contests and challenges just for the cheer purpose of building their hive account through support.

Despites all these, it doesn't mean that our #whales or #Hawkers are not being supportive, it only shows that we have very few number of investors on the platform due to one personal reason or the other. Though it's quite understanding that we're all in the midst this pandemic. It's just for a moment and we shall surely overcome this plague sooner or later.

We need more investors in our various Platforms on the hive #blockchain. During this era of growth in btc, most of our investors are utilizing the medium to invest in the bitcoin and it's encouraging to witness persistent rise in the $value of BTC. Most Altcoins are really risky to be mined as they own no blogspot running on their blockchain where users can mine their tokens. Thanks for the intervention of the hive blockchain which gives room for other second layer Communities on the platform to run their own tokens like the #leofinance token which is the #leo and #lbi token, #Sportsocial token which is the #sports, token by the #neoxian which is #neoxag, #stemgeeks and #stemsocial token which is the #stem, #palnet, #creativecoins, #naturalmedicine token which is the #lotus, the #foodie community, #lukeisAlive token which is the #ctp, #brocoin among others.

As we're about to run through the new year, lets work together and support one another in this league. As the race here is not for the swift alone. Those you support will definitely never forget your good deeds. Many on this platforms are facing one financial challenges or the other, many have lost their job and means of livelihood, many are on the sick bay looking for way out to sort their hospital bills, many have lost there loved ones due to the raging pandemic and sourcing for ways of support to bury their dead, many are authors aspiring to be curators like you someday and benefit you and the financial Ecosystem. Please lets help one another regardless of our race, tribe, culture and tradition as this is one of the best way we can grow and make this blockchain a desirable place for us all.

Thank you for your time, wishing you a prosperous and Happy New year.


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One Love from @daniky


We are indeed of one race and that's the human race.
We should come together and support one another. Not just in crisis I would say, but also when life's good.

Let's lift each other in 2021 and have a safe and healthy New Year!

😊Thank you for the wonderful comment @tanjakolader. I hope situation gets better coming 2021 than it is now.

Let's keep faith!
I really need a vacation hihihi
But not just for me. I do hope it'll get better for everyone. People have lost family members, others their jobs, others security, you name it.
My thoughts are with those who have a harder time than I have.

Happy New Year Friend @tanjakolader. Yes that's very true dear. Many people out there is experiencing harder time at the moment especially here in Nigeria. I just hope, pray and wish situation gets better this New year.

Yes, let's stay positive! 💪

Well said, well written, I really enjoyed reading it. Gave me some insight.

100 percent upvote, reblogged and tweeted.


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😊Thank you so much @bradleyarrow, I really commend your great efforts and support so far sir. Wishing you a prosperous 2021 ahead and stay safe.

Well said man. Tough times at the moment for a lot of people but things will get better this year. Sadly, it's set to get worse first, at least here in the UK, before we're out of the pandemic woods.

Sorry for the increased nature of the pandemic over there in the UK. I hope for speedy recovery and less tough times soon. Please lets be optimistic and hope for the best.

Life is just about growth, it will never start easy but as time goes, it develops. Hive is just starting out to me but I believe in its potential and what it can achieve in the coming years. Good content.

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This is really a fine-tuned article and even a newbie like myself clearly understand the message that you are trying to pass across.

There may be different communities with different tokens and many other things that makes it to look as if we are pursuing different things but when the chips are down, we need to remember that we are doing this under one body so we need to extend a helping hand and promote each other.

Well done on this one.