Picturing a New Nigeria: A Reason to Invest in New Technology

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Every national development will always begin and end with the masses and not necessarily with the government. The major agents of transformation in any Nation is the masses. It is quite true that things are not really going the way the should in Nigeria but still it is better than it was a few months ago.

When a new breed of people emerges, it is simply a sign to the government to adjust. I was quire embarrassed a few day ago when i got on facebook to see a funny and demeaning post made by one of my friends. The post reads "If i am a business man, i will invest in Nigeria" Now the young man didn't really mean to start a business in Nigeria but unfortunately what he meant was that the economy of Nigeria was too poor for a business man to invest his money into.

Why do people choose to murmur over the very things they can change? Why do Nigerians like complaining that Nigeria is going down and as such our finances is going down as well while others are making the most out of this seeming season of dipping in the nations economy.

Business is a risk and until one learn to develop the habit of taking risk, the person is way very far from success. One of the attitude of an entrepreneur i know of is confidence. Entrepreneur does not ask questions about whether they can succeed or whether they are worthy of success. They are confident with the knowledge that they will make their businesses succeed. They exude that confidence in everything they do.

I mean we are complaining while other are making the most of this period of dipping in Nigeria's economy. I went to the bank to send cash to my sister for her up keep in Lagos state and like my custom is, I had to check our for the pricing of foreign currencies and I was just as surprised as anyone else would be when i discovered that a dollar is 310 against 365 and euros is 399 against 485 a few months ago please is this progress or backwardness?

Any business that must traction the people and grow as well must learn how to place people value as their topmost priority.
Nigeria needs prayer not criticism. If you are sensitive enough you will know that Nigeria is at her metamorphosis peak. She is moving from bad to good and as such she needs our prayers and not criticism.

Investing In Technology

Before now, the prospect for POS business was relatively on a low but now the case is different as the social distancing measure has crated so much enabling prows for POS business owners. It is no doubt a reality that the change in the world is really growing faster and even towards the better and so instead of sit back and complain about the deplorable state of things in the Nation, we should rather be investing on digital technology and digital education.

it is important also that school begin to teach about digital technology from the primary towards the tertiary and not waste time on rhymes. I think that the educational sector should come to a unanimous agreement to span their curriculum beyond the yam-buries into the tech world.

Technology trend awareness is one of the strong emphasis that should be made about in schools beginning from the elementary.

What is Tech Trend Awareness? It is simply a skill and also refers to being mindful of the technology that is recently becoming and readily accepted in the market or industry. It is an encompassing of one's ability to acknowledge and appreciate the usefulness of any such technology for success of his business and work.

Example of digital technology to invest in even in Nigeria's dipping economy
Hive.io, leofinance.io, steem.com and millions of others.