Sensing Forces - Tracking and Analytics

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Hello fellow Padawans!

The ability to sense and track certain forces would always help the Jedi work on the next move.

Tracking and analyzing the traffic sent to your Lead Capture Pages can save you time and money!

Knowing whether or not they work for you though is what is important.

Different tracking services have different features. There are a few things that you need to effectively track your advertising:

  • You need the ability to tell how many page views you receive from each source.
  • You need the ability to track the conversions through your thank you pages.
  • You need a rotator for split testing.

As a reference, here's the one I use:

Don't forget to go to Click Track Profit and check the Tracking and Advanced Tracking modules inside the Training section!

There are many tracking programs out there, as long as you use one you will be good to go!

May the Force be with YOU!

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Yes I seen things on his connect and videos from the people who promoted and who or part of the team of a group of people that are in marketing so if you're not upgraded you can't know who you even got to sign up from where but yeah it's a great resource hits connect. I do use it until I can change my URLs and it really easy and I do use another site which I am advanced member it is does other stuff and also has tracking so anyway I'm talking too much and you have a great day and you take care

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