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RE: Put A Little Time And Effort Into Your Content.

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Well said Mike, when we put in the effort it also shows in the rewards and in the engagement that we got on it, and if we keep on putting in that effort we keep on growing, we get more engagement on our postings and grow our networks and relationships, plus earn even more from it, this also gets our stake up and we earn more with curation too and build passive income, and this just continues.

So all just positives to put in that bit of extra effort, keep up your great work and stay awesome.


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Thanks a lot.

Thanks Erik, it really doesn't take that much effort but I think people like to be lazy and do as little as they possibly can. I would imagine many of these people will only stay around for so long since I don't think things will work out well for them. It would be nice if they would all go at once so the new people coming in don't get their bad habbits. lol