Luke I Alive -01, My first experience and learning for mistake

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Hello all friends and Luke Hunters

This is my first post on Luke is Live. I have joined the Click Track Profit long back but not go for hunting the Luke. Click Track Profit (CTP) is a training platform for affiliate marketing.
Scavenger Hunt is place where you can hunt for Luke by surfing on different sites. You will get the clue from the Map (under Scavenger Hunt tab) where the Luke is locate.

Last day I decided to give a try, but I was confuse how to proceed so I contacted the @flaxz for helping me to setup the prerequisites. Thanks @flaxz for helping me.
I start the hunting on as the Luke was located their, but unfortunately got banned because I opened the surf page on more then one tab (by mistake). So it was first learning - Don't open the multi tab (for one site) when you are surfing. I have send a support ticket hopefully will get the resolution.

Today when I start the hunt the Luke was located at
I am able to find the Luke after surfing for 63 Pages.
Here is the proof

Immediate after that the Luke was shifted to sealifehits so ended my Journey here for today.

Here is the link to lead capture page

Ebook Link
If you want to know more and interested the join by clicking here Click Track Profit
Here is a excellent post on Luke Is Alive by @elianaicgomes

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Well done completing the Scavenger Hunt @guurry123, you have earned 3 tickets for the daily drawing. I am giving you an extra point but the Start Earning Today funnel is not a lead capture page, you are not build your personal list by using this page. I would recommend using a page that is building your list and promote programs like this to your list and not directly.

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Thanks for the information..
It will very very nice if you can help me with lead capture page...
Thanks for extra ticket also...
I Am still waiting for the reply from sealifhuts, if you can help with that also it will be very helpful...

I use the LCP builder in Click Track Profit for my pages, there is some training videos on how to use it in the lessons.

I can't do much for you on Sealifhits, I am a member just like you, hopefully support will get back to you soon.

Congratulations on finishing the Luke in your first attempt.
I wish you good luck with the hunt and hope you will make good progress with the hunt in the future 👍
I also made a mistake as I forgot to take screen shot 🤣😂
That’s my learning

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Thank you for the mention!
Glad that you gave another try :)
Keep hunting for Luke!

I will try to do the hunt everyday..
Thanks for stopping by...