Luke I Alive -19, Chasing the Luke....☕cupoftraffic☕🔫Pistol Packing mama🔫 & Sports Powerup🏅💪

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Hello all friends and Luke Hunters

Today compete the task and found the Luke one times :)

When I start the hunt in the morning the Luke was located at Westacre
Occupied By: cupoftraffic
To find the Luke Surfed 48 Pages
Here is the proof of finding .....


Next stop was Bluebarrow
Occupied By: Pistol Packing mama
To find the Luke Surfed 44 Pages
Here is the proof of finding .....


Powerup Sports token

Powerup Sports token also



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Here is a excellent post on Luke Is Alive by @elianaicgomes

Thanks for stopping by..



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Great job finding Luke 2 times, keep up the good work.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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Thanks for the ticket and support...
Love the idea....

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