Hunting Luke - Day 13 | 18.07.2021 | The hunt completed | My training with ClickTrackProfit (Brave Browser)

This post is going to be arranged into a number of sections. In includes:

  1. My training updates with the ClickTrackProfit
  2. My hunting for Luke, the list builder
  3. Promotional section

Let's start...........

First section

My training updates with the ClickTrackProfit

Brave browser
Jon G. Olson was really excited about this browser in his video. I have known about this browser before and tried to install it on my Laptop (HP, with window 7 installed in it). But due to some "beyond my understanding" reasons, I couldn't run it. After installing, the app wasn't opening. It was troubling to uninstalling it as well. I tried more than once. Later, gave up.
A few days ago, I installed it on my android mobile. It's working and getting some ads occasionally. So, far I have 0.500 BAT and it's not moving for the last couple of weeks despite seeing some ads! I don't know if I am doing something wrong!

My questions/confusions:

  • In the EST, I need to add the affiliate ID. But I don't see any option to sign up or login or getting the ID from my mobile browser wallet. How can I get the ID?

  • Where or how can I sign up?

  • Will this BAT be lost if I uninstall the app from my mobile? Is the token safe in somewhere else wallet?

  • I have set the maximum ad view (5 ads per hour). However, every day getting less than 5 ads, no every hour!! Is there anything else that can be done?

Enough training talk today. Let us hunt Luke (the following section)

Second section

Hunting Luke

This is my 13th day in hunting Luke, the list builder, from the scavenger hunt option of ClickTrackProfit. He was in Bluebarrow.

Steps to start hunting (For the newcomers):

  1. Log in to ClickTrackProfit
  2. Go to Xtra's tab
  3. Go to Scavenger Hunt from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on the Green Go button.
  5. On the map, click on Luke. Click on the banner of the traffic exchange (TE) site in the popup window.
  6. Login (or sign up, if you are new) to the TE site and start surfing [So far, I found 4 TE there; Pistol Packing Mama, Cup Of Traffic, Sea Life Hits, Boot Scootin Traffic]

Today Luke had two hiding places; Bluebarrow and Westacre. I found him 3 times in the Pistol Packing Mama TE of Bluebarrow and 2 times in the Cup of Traffic of Westacre.

Third section

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Well done completing the Scavenger Hunt @hafiz34, you have earned 8 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.


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@maddogmike - Game Master

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