I think i saw Luke hijacking a TAXICAB using water PISTOL, while sipping gin and tonic from a plastic CUP decorated with LIME.

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Hello and welcome to all the readers,

Happy Sunday to all. Hope you are all safe and well.
Finally, got my first dose of Pfizer covid19 vaccine on saturday. My left hand is still sore, but rest is all in good condition. just saying 😀.
Weather is been rainy all day, so no actifit today.

Ok, let's now talk about the scavenger hunt.

Today, we had 4 occupants
cupoftraffic, taxicabhits, limehits4u and pistol-packing-mama

I did find luke 5 times today and this is how i did it:

  1. Logged into Taxicabhits, and surfed 48 pages to find luke.

  2. Logged into Pistol-packing-mama and surfed 44 pages to find luke.

  3. Logged into Cupoftraffic and surfed 48 pages to find luke

  4. Logged into Limehits4u and surfed 69 pages to find luke.

  5. Finally, revisited Taxicabhits and surfed 48 more pages to find luke again.

This ends the quest for today. 5/5

New staking contest has started at wearealiveand.social

thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias
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An epic journey! Congratulations on completing it. I didn't know it was possible to complete a scavanger hunt by visiting one place more than once.

thank you @hirohurl.
Yes, the map tells you where to go, in cases, where we have less than 5 occupants.
I have previously visited the same occupant 3 times, in cases where we had only two occupants.

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