Day 102 -- #LukeIsAlive -- Go Find Him!

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Began my journey to search for #LukeTheListBuilder by clicking on the Green GO! button. I was sent to the

Northern Pass.png

I found Luke all 5 times today but only surfed in 4 traffic exchanges.

1stSHSiteClickTrackProfit.png In order to find Luke here I rated around 20 sites in the Gauntlet.


Prizes from the surf bar white cat today: 5 credits, 125 banners, 50 text ads, and 100 square banners

PistolPackingMama 50.png




I found this star twice today.





I won 5 traffic credits, 5 banner ads, 12 text ads, and 1 square banner.

I won 3 traffic credits, 8 banner ads, and 14 text ads here.

I won 5 traffic credits, 7 banner ads, 9 text ads, and 9 square banners here.

I won 7 traffic credits and 1 banner ad here.

That completes my hunt for #LukeTheListBuilder today.


Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Lisa, you have earned 6 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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Thanks, @lukeisalive! Nice to be back on the hunt! Have a great day!😀

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You too 😉👍

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#LukeIsAlive Contest - Daily and Weekly Prizes

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Thanks, @lukeisalive and You're welcome! Have a great day! 😀

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#LukeIsAlive Contest - Daily and Weekly Prizes

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Thanks, @tipu! Have a great day! 😀

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