Day 111 -- #LukeIsAlive -- Go Find Him!

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I started my quest to find #LukeTheListBuilder the same way as always by clicking on the Green GO! button. I was sent, as always, to the Northern Pass. I found Luke all 5 times in the following places and won some extra traffic for my lead capture pages.

1stSHSiteSeaLifeHits.png I surfed 80 pages here to find Luke and won 5 credits from clicking on a Mermaid toward the end of my search here.



2ndSHSiteCryptoTraffic4U.png I viewed 41 sites to find Luke here.


3rdSHSiteCruisinXchange.png I viewed 80 sites here for Luke.






4thSHSiteCupOfTraffic.png I surfed 47 pages to find Luke here.



5thSHSiteCTPGauntlet.png I rated around 20 sites to find Luke here.

I claimed the 1 point star from TE Surf Academy 3 times.
I claimed it once here.

I claimed it twice here.

claimed traffic by playing in the following four sites.

I won 9 traffic credits, 42 banner ads, and 40 text ads here.

I won 6 traffic credits, 25 banner ads, and 23 text ads here.

I won 10 traffic credits, 35 banner ads, and 24 text ads here.

I won 5 traffic credits, 7 banner ads, 6 text ads, and 8 square banners here.

That completes my journey to prove that #LukeIsAlive today!


Great job finding Luke 5 times and completing the Scavenger Hunt @lisamgentile1961, and great details about it.

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Well done completing the Scavenger Hunt Lisa, you have earned 6 tickets for the daily and weekly drawing.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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Nice hunting
Colorful Graphics
keep smiling.
Stay alive!