Good Traffic vs Bad Traffic

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In today's video I talk about some of the good traffic vs some of the bad traffic available.

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Sorry about parts of this video, I am kind of all over the place but I guess that is what happens when you don't use a script or a guide for making your video's.

There are many great free and paid types of traffic that can be very affective. Then there are the same similar types of traffic that are basically complete garbage.

I would say traffic you get from content creation is one of the best types of traffic you can get. This type of traffic you can get paid for here on the blockchain and you can build up a very nice stream of traffic using a Wordpress blog of your own and use a plugin to post here as well.

Other types of traffic I go over in the video, both good and bad. Doing the Luke is alive challenge daily is a good start for people to get some free traffic and get paid for it.

Below you will see the sites I went to for my journey around Listopia in search of Luke the list builder.







You can see my lead capture page I am currently using for the scavenger hunts here. Below you can see the results from the last few days of tracking my page.


Soon I will be doing some changes to my lead capture page and thank you page to hopefully get better results and more people added to my list.


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All you ever need is ListNerds ;) LOL

Great stuff man, and advice everyone can benefit from.

Thanks Jon, I hope people get something good out of it even though I was kinda all over the place in the video. lol

ListNerds is awesome I have one of those dreaded lifetime upgrades from way back and my emails go out daily. :)

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Website traffic is probably the biggest buzzword for all website owners, and there is a lot of garbage traffic, as you said in the video...
It's very important to do research about different types and how to NOT waste money on worthless traffic... Thanks for this valuable advice...

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Great points, @maddogmike. Lots of ways to round up traffic. It's so important to track the hits coming to your website. That way you can see what is good for you and what is working so you don't waste your efforts and/or money! 👍