My Featured Engagements for Today and Luke is Alive

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It was a nice day today in Listopia Luke was fairly easy to find. #LukeIsAlive

Building daily habits is very important so you have that consistency of showing up and taking action and this will bring success in pretty much everything you want to be good at.

By taking part in the Luke is alive challenge daily it shows how easy it is to build a habit of getting daily traffic to your pages. The bonus of doing the challenge is you get paid for getting traffic and exposure at the same time.

It is completely for free and it doesn't take much time. All you have to do is have a Click Track Profit account and do a Scavenger Hunt everyday. The Scavenger Hunt is just doing tasks at 5 different sites.











Below are my featured engagements for today.

@hivehustlers Is looking for feedback on weather to build a front end interface on Hive.

@silverd510 Is featuring a really nice 5oz silver bar.

@elianaicgomes Made a post about the addition of Plus 1 Success to CTP Blueprint.

@bradleyarrow Has a good thought about using the blockchain to cure Covid

@jongolson Has been giving updates on his trip moving across Canada.

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Thank you. An upvote and reblog for you. Thanks for the mention


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Thank you for the highlight!


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You're welcome, just trying to get a last push on your contest.

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Mike, and nice walkthrough of how to do it, and great features.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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