Put Passion Into What Ever You Are Doing.

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Are you passionate about what you are doing?

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People recognize when you are passionate about what you are doing. If you put a post up that is just some random information thrown together there is a big difference from when you put some passion into it.

If you actually put in some time and write about or make a video about something that you are passionate about it comes through in your message. When you act like it is a job and something you have to do but you're not really into it also shows.

You always want to put a little passion in everything you do. If there is no reason to put passion in what you are doing then why even waste your time doing it?

Today after a quick trek around the Northern Pass in Listopia I managed to find Luke the list builder. You can see the sites I visited to day below.







I am thinking about changing out the picture on my lead capture page for a video as soon as I have time. I think it will convert better with a video on auto play. You can see the current page I have in the scavenger hunt here.

I am getting more and more hits but the conversions a low still with only having one so far. I need to improve these results so the changes to my page need to happen pretty soon. You can see my tracking results from the last two weeks below.



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That is some really great advice @maddogmike, if we lack passion for what we do we will not get the traction that we need, and then we will quit, so passion for what we do is essential, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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