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In today's video I talk about finishing my first week and things to look forward to coming up in the Luke is alive challenge.

Today is day #164 of the I Am Alive Challenge created by Erik Gustafsson @flaxz
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After a short run around the Northern Pass in Listopia I found Luke. #LukeIsAlive

Building daily habits is very important so you have that consistency of showing up and taking action and this will bring success in pretty much everything you want to be good at.

By taking part in the Luke is alive challenge daily it shows how easy it is to build a habit of getting daily traffic to your pages. The bonus of doing the challenge is you get paid for getting traffic and exposure at the same time.

It is completely for free and it doesn't take much time. All you have to do is have a Click Track Profit account and do a Scavenger Hunt everyday. The Scavenger Hunt is just doing tasks at 5 different sites.







Below are my featured engagements for today.

Online Marketing Mastery - Getting Started
@ghcamry Posted the replay of last Wednesday nights webinar.

Alive Content Mastery #11 - Start Making Videos - Why? - IAAC #168
@flaxz Talks about why you should be making videos.

Hive Today - September 18th, 2020
@hivetoday Made a great post about so many things going on with the blockchain.

Writing With Bubbles
@kwilleywrites Posted a simple way to map out your story line before writing.

I am alive after getting COVID 19
@maverickinvictus Tells about his battle with covid 19.




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Better days are coming for the Luke Is Alive challenge! The first week was to learn about administration, but the next ones will be with improvements... I like your plan, Mike!

Awesome vlog and post @maddogmike hope your having a blessed weekend

Great job Mike, and well done surviving your first week lol, and looking forward to your ideas for improvement, keep up your great work.

Great job completing the Scavenger Hunt @maddogmike, and really well done finishing your first week running the contest, keep up the good work, it's awesome.

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Well done going through your first week!
And so far I believe you did a pretty good job!
I will do my best to be more present and available to help you on the new changes and improvements!
We got this 💪

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