Put A Little Time And Effort Into Your Content.

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In today's video I talk about taking the easy way you vs putting in a little effort.

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I see so many posts that people put in no effort at all. They take the easiest way out possible.

You will never grow or get better by taking the easy way out all the time. The way to learn and grow is to push yourself to learn new things and step out of your comfort zone.

If you are building a business online and you do just enough to get buy how much money do your really expect to make? My thought is to always be growing and learning. The Plus 1 Success moto is perfect here. "Be better at sunset then you were at sunrise!"

Here are the places I visited looking for Luke today in the scavenger hunt.







I have been trying out a new lead capture page the last few days you can see it here.

After about 24 hours of tracking you can see my early results so far below.



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Could not agree more.
I started my journey with “easy way” but quickly realised that it’s not working out well. Ever since I started putting some effort and joined meaningful conversations I see positive results.
Very well said

You get more attention and respect also you have the opportunity to get consistent payouts instead of looking for the occasional whale vote.

Actually, some of the low-effort posts go through here on the Hive as they are sometimes (or even often) upvoted by automatic upvotes by some of the whales... and that can last for some time... But, as they are low-effort posts, there is no engagement, there is no long-term value, and when random upvotes stop, you will have nothing...

Without real people, and contact, this whole thing has no meaning... and if you want results, you have to put in some effort to be appreciated and respected... it's simple like that...

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this... I have missed your vlogs... Cheers!

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I agree some of them get way better upvotes then they deserve often but in the end you will get more respect and the upvotes will come with better content. It doesn't take much effort but people love to be lazy I guess.

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Amen!! I cannot agree enough. The "shit posts" (sorry but that is what they are) drive me crazy. It is hard to engage or even take them seriously (especially when I am doing mod work)....you can tell that the author really doesn't care & is in it for the money...

The sad part is some of these posts DO get huge automatic upvotes & that is what frustrates some of us when we put our hard work & efforts into our own posts. That is something that needs to be fixed eventually imho...

When we put more effort & respect into our content, we will attract the engagement, followers & the money ... it is almost like Law of Attraction...you get back what you put into it....

Love your rants! I did one not so long ago myself (especially about the I Am Alive titles, don't get me going! LOL). I hope we reach some people lol...have an awesome day, Mike! Great to see you :)💙

Thanks Jenn. I agree, the better the content the more respect you will get and the upvotes will come. The shit posts are annoying and I wish people would get a hint or just listen to all the ranting. lol

Ha ha! Well there are plenty of rants to choose from - I can think of 5 of us that have done it about this very topic!! So, hello lololol. :)

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Well said Mike, when we put in the effort it also shows in the rewards and in the engagement that we got on it, and if we keep on putting in that effort we keep on growing, we get more engagement on our postings and grow our networks and relationships, plus earn even more from it, this also gets our stake up and we earn more with curation too and build passive income, and this just continues.

So all just positives to put in that bit of extra effort, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks a lot.

Thanks Erik, it really doesn't take that much effort but I think people like to be lazy and do as little as they possibly can. I would imagine many of these people will only stay around for so long since I don't think things will work out well for them. It would be nice if they would all go at once so the new people coming in don't get their bad habbits. lol


Putting effort is a nice way to get ready for road to success.

Putting in the effort an essential step in getting to success. A little effort now will go a long way in the future.

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good job

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