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RE: Put A Little Time And Effort Into Your Content.

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Actually, some of the low-effort posts go through here on the Hive as they are sometimes (or even often) upvoted by automatic upvotes by some of the whales... and that can last for some time... But, as they are low-effort posts, there is no engagement, there is no long-term value, and when random upvotes stop, you will have nothing...

Without real people, and contact, this whole thing has no meaning... and if you want results, you have to put in some effort to be appreciated and respected... it's simple like that...

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this... I have missed your vlogs... Cheers!

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I agree some of them get way better upvotes then they deserve often but in the end you will get more respect and the upvotes will come with better content. It doesn't take much effort but people love to be lazy I guess.

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