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RE: Put A Little Time And Effort Into Your Content.

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Amen!! I cannot agree enough. The "shit posts" (sorry but that is what they are) drive me crazy. It is hard to engage or even take them seriously (especially when I am doing mod work) can tell that the author really doesn't care & is in it for the money...

The sad part is some of these posts DO get huge automatic upvotes & that is what frustrates some of us when we put our hard work & efforts into our own posts. That is something that needs to be fixed eventually imho...

When we put more effort & respect into our content, we will attract the engagement, followers & the money ... it is almost like Law of get back what you put into it....

Love your rants! I did one not so long ago myself (especially about the I Am Alive titles, don't get me going! LOL). I hope we reach some people lol...have an awesome day, Mike! Great to see you :)💙


Thanks Jenn. I agree, the better the content the more respect you will get and the upvotes will come. The shit posts are annoying and I wish people would get a hint or just listen to all the ranting. lol

Ha ha! Well there are plenty of rants to choose from - I can think of 5 of us that have done it about this very topic!! So, hello lololol. :)

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