My duck farm is starting to get bigger

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Hi animal lover,I hope you are well, healthy. I'm fine too. I came back today to talk to you about my duck farm. I discussed my small duck farm with you in the last post. I will share with you how I grew my small farm. I hope you like this post like the last one.


I told you about my farm. When I had some chickens on my farm. But now my farm is almost too big. My farm now has ten ducks and 15 chickens. I have a swan out of these 10 ducks. He is much younger now. If you notice the color of her skin in the picture, you will understand. He looks different from everyone else. I like them very much. I love them very much.

I want to make my farm much bigger. Although I can't afford it. But I’m starting slowly. Because people can't grow up in one day. You have to grow from small to big day by day. As I said in my last post, I couldn’t grow my farm because of my financial problems. But I got good support from Hive. So I was able to make my farm a little bigger. I want to make my farm bigger. I want ten or five more girls to work with me. Because the idea of ​​the village boys is that we do nothing at home, we sit all day. Only the boys work outside, and we don't do anything. So we have to break this mistake of theirs.

My ducks now lay eggs regularly. I sell them at the market and eat them at home. I don't have to buy any more eggs from the market. Bought from people in my neighborhood and from me. I can be a lot more self-sufficient now. Now I don't have to reach out to my husband for money. Now I am earning something myself and earning income. I have already seen a few more girls start their work. I want to make my farm much bigger. I hope you will be by my side and support me.

I write regular posts from this community and I like it very much. Because I myself like animals very much and love nature. So I get a chance to express my desires here and I like it. I always want to do this, as long as I'm on this platform. And thank you all for supporting me.



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You got a big farm...with so many of the birds....but r u scared of them....didn't notice any close up shots.

Thanks for compliment.

How exciting that your earnings on Hive have helped you make your poultry flock bigger! I am wishing you great success!

Thanks for your compliment.

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That's great projects ! for further posts, I would enjoy seeing more various photos in the post ...showing plenty of time the same group eating in a bowl is a little boring...I'm sure you have more to show of these beautiful birds 😉

Thanks for your sweet compliment.

Hello @hiramoni!

nice duck farm ^_^

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