{Ingles/Español} Participate in My Daily #RisingStar Giveaway (#9) - Participa en Mi sorteo Diario #RisingStar ( #9)

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Hello my dear readers, how are you today?

I hope you are all very well, Thank you for supporting my content and for continuing to participate every day, as I always tell you, if you do not win today, do not give up, you just have to leave your comment and you will be participating again,

It will not take you more than 2 minutes to comment,

Well for today's draw we have a total of 11 participants which are:

Every day I am giving away 1000 Starbists so that people are motivated to play #RisingStar,

It is also important to tell you that for tomorrow's draw there is a prize for second place and if you want to know what it will be, I invite you to continue reading the post

Here is an Image of the List of today's participants:


Well, it's time to spin the wheel, I wish you all good luck, and as I say, don't give up, tomorrow could be your lucky day.


Congratulations to (@an0na) today's winner, thank you for participating, and enjoy this small portion of Starbits

Good for the others, they only have to participate again,

But hey hey ,,,,,

Do you remember that I told you that for this new draw we will have 2 Winners?

Well there will be two Awards, the first will be as always 1000 Starbits for those people who play #RisingStar you just have to leave your comment,

For the second winner I will be giving away some Promotion points, these points are to promote some of the post that you want, so that in that way you have some extra Visits to your post

So for you to participate in this giveaway you just have to leave your comment, and leave the post you want to promote

It's easy, I hope you are very lucky and thank you for being here in my post Sharing a little

Soon we will have Much Better Awards, but it's just a matter of being patient guys

Greetings to all And I wish you good luck

Good bye guys



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Hola mis queridos lectores como estan el dia de hoy?

Espero que todos esten muy bien , Gracias por apoyar mi contenido y por seguir Participando cada dia, como siempre les digo , si hoy no ganan no se rindan , solo tienes que dejar tu comentario y ya estarás participando nuevamente ,

No te tomara mas de 2 minutos comentar,

Bueno para el sorteo de hoy tenemos un total de 11 participantes los cuales son :

Cada Dia estoy Regalando 1000 Starbist Para que las personas se motiven a jugar #RisingStar ,

Tambien es importante decirles que para el sorteo de mañana hay un premio para el segundo lugar y si quieres saber que sera te invito a seguir con la lectura del post

aca les dejo una Imagen de la Lista de los participantes del dia de hoy :


Bueno ya es momento de girar la ruleta, les deseo mucha suerte a todos, y como les digo no te rindas que mañana pude ser tu dia de suerte


Muchas felicidades para (@an0na) la ganadora de hoy gracias por participar , y que disfrutes de esta pequeña porción de Starbits

Bueno para los demas solo les queda participar nuevamente ,

Pero hey hey ,,,,,

Recuerdas que les dije que para este Nuevo sorteo tendremos 2 Ganadores ?

Bueno seran dos Premios, el primero sera como siempre 1000 Starbits para esas personas que juegan #RisingStar solo tienes que dejar tu comentario ,

Para el segundo ganador estaré Regalando algunos puntos de Promoción , estos puntos Son para promocionar algunos de los post que tu quieras, para que de esa manera tengas unas Visitas extras a tu post

Asi que para que participes en este sorteo Solo tienes que dejar tu comentario, y deja el post que quieres que te promocione

Es fácil ,espero que tengas mucha suerte y gracias por estar aca en mi post Compartiendo un poco

Pronto tendremos Premios Mucho mejores , pero solo es cuestión de ser pacientes chicos

Un saludo a todos Y les deseo mucha suerte

Adios Chicos



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Hola @zonadigital21,
please add me again to the next draw :)

hello how are you, with pleasure I already put you on the list, I hope you are lucky

Gratz to @an0na looking forward for those 1000 starbits :D Would also like to promote this post if i win , gl to everyone! https://hive.blog/hive-120586/@yocazo/en-es-meal-of-the-day-chicken-salad-or-la-comida-del-dia-ensalada-de-pollo-01

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If you have two chances if you don't win in one you will win in the other hahaha it's just a matter of luck

Thank you for participating and thank you for the PIZZA and the BEER

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Hola, me gustaría participar.

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Ok I'll write you down on the list I hope you win, if you don't win today your luck will come, just don't give up, thanks for participating and happy day

I am in for the next draw too :)

Ok, I will write you down, I hope you are lucky, and thank you for participating in the raffle

I'd like to take another spin.
Since I don't have a post of my own to promote maybe you could visit my friend @happyme and the zombie game https://peakd.com/@happyme/zombie-adventure-deja-vu-game-57-day-18-may-14-2021

Ok, thanks for participating, I hope you are lucky and you can win one of the two prizes

Holi, me gustaria participar

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Eso sí, ya te puse en la lista, gracias por sumarte al sorteo, te deseo mucha suerte

Felicidades al ganador.
Me apunto al sorteo.

Posted via MusicForLife.io

ok I already put you on my list, good luck and thank you for being faithful to the draw

Congrats to winner and count with me in the nwxt draw :)

Ok, I already have you on the list, thank you for participating daily, happy day

Nice i see you moved away from jumping jet - i will participate in this one fo sho!

If I know that many are not very good in that mini game so there would be few participants, then that's why I put something easier.

Thank you for participating I hope you are lucky

Yeah I don't play them either. But this is call. Definitely more people bwill be interested!

Congratulations to @an0na!

Tagging @imfarhad and @pixiepost.

Thank you very much for the PIZZA



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congrats to @an0na

Please add my name in the next draw, thanks

Thank you for participating, I already have you on the list, I hope you are very lucky

hoy no tuve suerte en ningún sorteo. por mi parte llevo cero quizás tu ganaste alguno o la competencia quedo empatada en mala suerte para los dos? XD

Posted via MusicForLife.io

jajaja creo que yo tampoco tenia suerte hoy , esperemos a ver que tal nos va mañana ,

thank you. cant wait for the next contest

Me gustaria participar en el sorteo, gracias

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Hola, espero poder participar para el próximo sorteo 😀

Work hard and succeed!

That's right, friend, what can be achieved is done with hard work, thanks for commenting, if you want to participate in my raffle I invite you to see my profile and leave your comment on Draw # 10 since this post already delivers the winner, I hope see you in my new draw,

I will take my chance!

I invite you to leave your comment on my post of draw number # 10 since this post and this draw is over, but I have number 10 active, just go to my profile and leave a comment on Draw # 10 and you will be participating, greetings and good luck

me llama mucho la atencion este juego, espero aprender mucho y ganar

Nice giveaway, i'd like to hop in!

I would like to participate, thank you very much

You can participate in My draw today since the post I publish for the draws only last 24 HOURS but I have one that you can participate, go to my profile and join the draw Number # 12 and have luck