3speak #uncensored For nature lovers (visiting the ¨Cerro¨ ¨Brigde¨¨Ushuaia¨)

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hello friends of the hive, and fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ These pages have more and more fans, and that is given by their way of acting in the face of censorship; Here he will never censor you

For some years my eldest son has been living in the south of my country Argentina in a ¨City¨ called ¨Ushuaia¨ a beautiful place to live and visit

some time ago with some friends I visited ¨Cerro¨ ¨Brigde¨

The video shows a small fraction of the rise of ¨Cinthya¨ del ¨cerro¨ (Wife of my son's friend) This video was made with a smartphone ¨Motorola¨ ¨G9¨ ¨Plus ¨


Source:  vimeo-free-videos

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Wow... did you go up too?
That is quite a view...

Yes, it is a lovely place to visit,
no, this is in another city in Argentina, where my oldest son lives, dear friend @ silversaver888

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wow beautiful water fall, and mountain climb up, that is really amazing video i liked it

hello dear friend @yousafharoonkhan this is a very beautiful and pleasant place, ideal to relax the mind
Thank you very much for the support you give me
have a splendid afternoon

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I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me dear friend @ andyjim