3speak #uncensored appreciates the nature of the ¨Valle de Andorra Ushuaia¨

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hello hivianos, fans of ¨3Speak¨ ¨ThreeShorts¨ It does not fit in my head as there are people and pages that violate freedom of expression; Something to highlight, these companies think very differently, they never censor content here

There is no better place to enjoy the presence and company of nature

If you have ailments in your soul, this valley is the best medicine

If you are like me, who love nature, you will love the ¨Valle¨ de ¨Andorra¨


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So beautiful location with green hills, I also see some house around the hill tracks. Great captured brother.
Thanks for sharing. have a goo wonderful day!

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This is an expanding valley, people are choosing to live in the mountains, my oldest son has finished building his house 10 blocks up the hill.
an incredible place to live

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