What Is Your Miracle Today? | Pix Shorts

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A Simple Message About Miracles .... They are all around us... we just have to look for them...

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Coffee & Cards & Chat | It's All In The Little Things

Have a great Sunday ;)

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Indeed, miracles are in the small things... and sometimes we don't even notice them, as we don't pay attention...

Amen! The reminder definitely helps all of us sometimes. We just need to keep our eyes open so we can have one every day :)

Thanks for your awesome comment :) 💗

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Still alive a miracle to be and have choices
To spend time with my dog. My cat 🐈 is Sleeping on the washer.

Amen! I am glad you're alive. :) It sounds like you have a lot of blessings. So happy for you 💗

Just I sign in to ctp.
Glad to know you.
This is my first comment on ctp.

Oh my goodness. I am honored. Thank you! And welcome to CTP Talk. It's great to have you. Let us know if you have questions, etc. We are always around to help! :)

Great to meet you & I hope you have an amazing Monday! 💚

Please give me a help.
I really do not know what kind of contents
are allow on #ctp. If you can please tell me.
I am not very good at in English.
So How can I start to post on #ctp.
I appreciate your help and mention.
I am from Myanmar country.
I am good at My mother language 😁.
I am just trun 26.
I like playing guiter Almost always
I play Myanmar song.


Well, you are off to a great start! Your English is good & don't worry, the more practice you have, the better you will get at it. I have plenty of friends on the HIVE blockchain that began the same way you did & now they are using English quite regularly. :)

As far as CTP goes, you can do a lot of things. You can follow @ctptalk on HIVE if you aren't already: https://peakd.com/@clicktrackprofit/posts

Also, we have a guide that helps you navigate the HIVE blockchain that you might find helpful (and it will lead you to CTP as well) as well as CTP site itself:


The most important thing is just show up every day, comment on a few posts like you have been, create content in what brings you joy & explore. You mentioned the guitar so you can post about music for example. The skies the limit. :) 💚

Special thanks.
I will learn step by step.

Waking up each morning is one, I am visiting with my Mom in Hutchinson KS and I am grateful that my Mother is still able to get around and is of good mind. I consider her a miracle as she had polio as achild.

That is wonderful. She shows an example of how strong the human will is. She persevered through that & look at her now. :) I am really happy you have that connection. :) 💚