Sunday Musings: What Do We USE Our Blogs For?

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Whereas I can't deny that it's a cool idea that we have been able to become part of this community and can earn rewards for "creating content," I'd like to think that there's more to life than just earning a few cents as a result of "doing whatever."


I'll be the first to confess that I have crated a lot of posts here that might fall under the heading "doing whatever," by which I mean just posting "something" that came to mind when I sat down at the keyboard... but without that "something" being part of a tangible and objective whole presentation.

Hell, my CAT's (@curatorcat) blog has more purpose and focus than mine!

I feel slightly awkward writing these lines, as I have always been big into telling people to treat their online content as part of a bigger picture of developing a personal brand. Based on that, I would be busy creating "Brand Mish-Mash."


On the other land, this thing being called "Lifestyle Blogging" does leave itself open to topics from all over the map, and is by no means just limited to those with aspirations of being the next Martha Stewart. Sans the prison cell...

I realize that I do use my blog for just sharing random musings about life and events unfolding around me... so I could say that one of the USES of it is to simply engage in cathartic writing... an activity I have pursued since my teen years.

And I suppose that's fair enough.


Possibilities: Genealogy...?

One of the things I've been considering making part of my blog is the result of scanning old family photos from the early 1900's (and before) and using this as a fairly permanent repository.

I always felt that the (in)famous "immutability" of the blockchain would lend itself well to the archival storage of information you want to be there in perpetuity.

Kinda makes me wish Hive actually had a Genealogy community, specifically for such types of content.


But then I got to thinking... is that really a good use case, here? After all, I'm not even entirely sure that the images in our posts are actually stored on the blockchain... aren't they just referenced from our posts? In which case, it would be no different than storing the photos with AWS (Amazon Web Services) or on my Microsoft OneDrive.

After all, venues like RootsWeb and FamilySearch and other host databases that are mindblowingly huge. As in multiple images for 15 million unique records, and beyond. Which brings to mind the overall question of reconciling the immutability of blockchains with the need to track ridiculously huge databases of (for example) images.

How does that all work together? As you can tell, I am not a tech geek.


A New Month is at Hand

Hard to believe it will already be February in many parts of the world, by the time I click the "publish" button. Wasn't it just the New Year?

Means tomorrow is going to be for end-of-month summarizing and stock taking. Also means I get to persuade myself — once again — to forge ahead with renewed determination.

I was watching a presentation by someone I otherwise don't much care for, but he does know a lot about human psychology... and one of the observations he made that really struck home was that most mental illness can actually be tracked back to some point where a person felt overloaded enough to "break." Rings true. We don't spend as much time talking to spiderwebs and invisible friends when we feel happy, relaxed and fully engaged as we do when every day feels like another iteration of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill... lather rinse repeat. And while we're doing that, our dog dies, and we get fired, and our spouse leaves us for someone 25 years younger.

Recipe for lasting mental illness, not just stress.

Well, enough about that... Thanks for reading, and welcome to a new month!

*How about YOU? Do you have a specific "use" or purpose" for your blog? Are you trying to create anything in particular? Any interest in Genealogy? Would that be a good Hive/blockchain application? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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Ha ha rinse and repeat while the dog dies and the world stops spinning, yup sound!

As for heritage sites I spent months collating and putting one up locally to be told not even a year later the site will be coming down, so poof! Fortunately I did a lot manually as I always do, back up, check spelling, rinse and repeat!

As for my neglected blog, here I ponder to switch it off or try revive it? Well the answer needs to be in just over a week.... Still mulling around in my head somewhere!

Have an awesome day, new month and know the flowers are fabulous, telling stories of those who went before us, meaningful. Finding out more always interesting, keep going 😅

Well, I have an entire box of family photos, some dating back to the 1860's and I know I have several distant cousins who are into genealogy... so I thought I would try to make the photos (or some of them) widely available. I just don't want to pay some site $19.95 a month for the privilege and then have to worry about some variation of your experience as a reward.

Of course, I'm old enough to have lived through the earliest days of computers and the web where "backing up" every single thing every ten minutes was just SOP in case something would cause a blip in the system and you'd lose your work!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ha ha, still very much in the habit of backing everything up even on blockchain, old habits die hard! Have an awesome month of February!

I'm not worries about a brand. I started this blog so I could rant about whatever happened to cross my mind, whether politics, photography, painting, or things that don't even start with the petter P. What drew me here (Well, initially to st--mit) was the promise of a blockchain-secured account resistant to censorship. I always assumed ST--M was just another sh*tcoin that wouldn't make me rich, but I did hope the token would be a template for the future of social media, and HIVE has been working toward fulfilling that promise.

When I started, I really wasn't too worried either. I mostly came here because of a growing loathing of Facebook, and the way even one person could decide they didn't like something I'd said and could report me... and then it would be a world of hassle to get my account released again.

And I wouldn't even be saying anything inflammatory or controversial... just disagreeing

I never thought St€€m would amount to anything, mostly because I was used to "rewards for content" sites always going bankrupt after a couple of years, or less. I figured the trend would merely repeat itself. Then, when I understood there was no "company" to run out of money, I just figured the token would slowly become worthless; maybe a few fractions of a cent per each.

But I do like that it seems like we are part of creating a new kind of social content environment.

Maybe your blogger brand is just Mish - Mash and there is nothing wrong with that. People often connect with the personality behind the words.

I'm not sure if I have a real purpose or goal behind it. I dream of being able to quit my job over it like the next person I guess but for the most part, I just blog because I like it, no particular attachments to any outcomes.

My post was partly prompted by a look at some of the growing communities on Hive, and thinking about how niche communities tend to be a really good way to drive new traffic.

I never got as far as the "quit my job" dream, but I did harbor hopes at one point that Hive would become substantial enough to represent a viable part time job" type income... but at $5-10 per post that's not happening anytime soon!

They are a great tool for sure! I have been saying using that as a selling point instead of all the decentralize, earn to blog mumbo jumbo that isn't really all that catchy with the mainstream.

Well my quit my job dream is more like my real job pays for a property and saves for retirement, maybe someday once I have no bills and money set aside then I can retire from said part time income, no $5 a day isn't going to cut it either, I have at least a decade before I even chose to slow down at my job for any reason anyway (other then unforeseen ones). By blog I also mean the brand as awhole like selling photos and swag in the rockies, not just the action of putting words on a screen like I do now.

Uses for blog...

Clarifying my thoughts
Presenting cool or entertaining stuff
Attempting to spread knowledge
Building my brand
Having a laugh

Big no to looking at dead old farts, can't see the attraction!


Party hard is right, party like it's 2017, geez Louise, anyone see the price of HBD?

yes - that is not right for a wanna be stable coin - expecting big drop very soon!

from the chatter I picked up it was on an exchange with low supply that pumped the price, probably will come down.

@ladybug146, as I understand it, the trend started on Korean exchange Upbit... which was also where the run on SBD sent it to $13+ in December 2017. Eveidently, they have a lot of liquid Korean Won looking to chase low issue/low liquidity coins.

Thanks , that makes sense now especially if you noticed a trend in a particular buying style. I wonder why that is, someone not doing the research on what they buy? Either way, I had one lonely HBD kicking around that got turned into 18 hive! Took me by surprise.

Yup, good uses all!

Probably going to scrap the ancestry thing... but I still think genealogy is a good type of use case for blockchains.

I'm keen to use blockchains for posting the sort of stuff that gets censored everywhere else!



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Thanks for the support... I appreciate it!

I'm not sure I would want to be boxed in to a brand as I like the idea of being able to use this as an outlet for anything from photography, videography, mindless musings, thoughtful musings, travel stories and just about anything. People are attracted to personalities on here as much as anything I think, well I am. I am drawn to different people depending on my mood and what catches my eye. These days for my posts If there is a community that fits whatever that creative itch that needs to be scratched then pop it in. Your genealogy idea isn't such a bad one. I posted a post with a variety of old pics ,one US Civil War era, one Victorian Britain, one circa WW2 and one from the 90's talking about how we are all links in a chain etc. It would have been nice to have had a community that may have been more receptive to all of that. It's a pretty fertile platform and it can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And it's nice to have a wander around it also 🙂