Short Promo Video - Friday Night Music - First Experment in Mobil Video Editing.

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I have been trying to do some additional small videos for events and places that I work with. This is one of these videos for Section 30 in Vietnam. (*I do a lot of work with them).

It was also one of the first experiments I tried... I will post others as well as I keep making them. :D

Let me know your thoughts.

Process :
Recorded a few different takes
Used a app called "You Cut" on my Android phone.
Edited the clips, then added transitions, effects, and words
Removed the sound and recorded the artists playing.

What Mobil app do you use for editing on the fly?

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Wow that is a great video! I like the effects and the cool feeling. I will try "You Cut" out. My favourite video editing software is Adobe Premeire but now I can't use it without paying a monthly subscription, so I use OpenShot on my PC.

@darkflame : thanks for the high-five friend!
You Cut is just a phone app, so it makes sense and is affordable.
I think for most situations you might not even need to go onto the PC.
It's amazing we could do on mobile devices nowadays

I just saw a light ring at walmart that you can clip onto your phone, its got 3 settings and LED light rings. With something like that you can make cell phone videos look exceptionally good!