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What gifts did they leave under the tree this time? I asked myself in 2018 after all my family had left for the day, and I was about to tackle the cleanup. That was the second year in a row this happened. After all that hard work trying to decide what gifts to get them, then shopping until I found each one.

Hand-picked by me. The person who knows all of them the best! Wrapped and accessorized neatly, I thought those particular gifts last year were sure to be winners. Every last one of them.

So after the first disastrous year, I was sure I'd picked winners last Christmas. I purchased 5 Air Fryers on the online recommendation of best Christmas gifts for 2018. Then I proceeded to purchase a lot of other items as a surprise that would have been so cute and just right for them. Tearing open the Air Fryers and all the excitement over who was going to try which recipes and compare, I just knew they'd love the rest of my picks too.

Didn't happen. After Christmas, I packed the items to save for my family reunion. I was determined that someone was going to like those gifts.

Messaging my wounded ego over the fact that I really didn't know my family's tastes as well as I thought I did, I picked myself up and vowed never to put myself through that again.

January 1, 2019. A chance for a fresh start. I began a mission for this Christmas. I planned all year and purchased a few of the items each month. And, no more wrapping adult gifts. Only ages 5 and under will receive wrapped surprises.

It's now Christmas Eve, and I'm so proud of myself. The surprise for all my family will be the items as shown in my picture above:

  • Paper towels;
  • Toilet tissue;
  • Detergent and fabric softener;
  • Soap and body wash;
  • Dishwasher liquid;
  • Air freshners;
  • Trash bags;
  • Tooth paste and tooth brushes;
  • Hand soap; and
  • Dinner napkins.

I set all items out on display on my banquet table. I purchased eco-friendly tote bags to carry them home. They can choose whatever they wish. This year will surely be a winner. I'll have to wait and see if any of the items will be left with me at the end of the day.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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Ok, so that's............unusual! I'd be interested to see how it goes down with the family:)

Haha...NOT A SINGLE ITEM LEfT. I had to jump online to let everyone know.

Am I a genius or what! So successful that they asked for a repeat next year.

Well done Chris, you have stumbled on to a winning formula: deconstructed Christmas presents! I too am a fan of open display. Delegate your presenter power to the presentees and let them choose; the perfect hostess, methinks!

It's hard to surprise adults sometimes, so I'm opting for open concept now.

You're a genius! I thought they'd use them as missiles and it'd be a case of death by personal hygiene product. Well done.

Me too, lol, but the opposite occurred, so thankful for that. Appreciate your support and encouragement. I needed it for that project.

I hope they liked it sooooooo can you do a blog about their reaction please hahahahah Sorry I don’t see the blog before the days are so full of things that o didn’t have the chance !

Yes, they did. Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't wait until they left to post about our day. So much fun.

Now I see you can create continuation posts about a major event. Thanks for the reminder.

Indeed a great way to have blog topics

Very practical gifts indeed! 😉👍

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