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A Power House Creatives Initiative

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Everyone has a story – and all our stories have something in common… we all started from nothing and knew nothing. People want to hear stories. They want to hear OUR stories — they want to know who we are, where we are from, what we are doing, who and what we love, what we have learnt and where we are going. People also want us to hear their story! Being a part of the Steem network is an individual journey for every single one of us and through this initiative we will share our stories not only with all who are already here – hopefully inspiring, guiding and informing them… but doing the same for everyone else in the world too. Through our stories we will prick the curiosity of those who have not yet arrived and illuminate and widen the already open doors to our one in a million blockchain.

We invite and encourage each and every one of you to participate and share your stories too! You can find the "how to" details at the end of this post.


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Where my Steem Journey began
My Steem journey began on July 29, 2019. That's the day I joined Steemit. I joined from the recommendation of others. Having never blogged before, I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing. I'm not a big fan of the standard social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, and everything else in between that millions of people utilize daily. I was never attracted to them as forms of communication or sharing personal information.

My initial challenges & how I overcame them
One of my initial challenges was learning what Steem was and how it worked. This was a daunting task. I knew nothing of the language used on Steem. I decided to just read as many posts from long-time Steemians. Another challenge was learning how to post correctly and the proper fomatting of a blog. But the most important challenge I faced was learning how to conduct myself on Steem when engaging with others. This was the most valuable lesson I learned. Why? because your reputation and trustworthiness is at stake.

I was lucky to have a support group of several individuals I knew from the Traffic Exchange industry who are also members of Steem. With their assistance, I overcame my nervousness and posted several blogs.

My Steemblockchain knowledge
Before joining Steem, I had no knowledge of the Steem blockchain. I didn't even know what a blockchain was or its purpose. As far as digital currency is concerned, the only thing I knew existed was bitcoin. And the information I heard was not favorable. At that point, I had decided I wanted no part of it. And no one could convince me otherwise.

I slowly began to read and hear about the Blockchain and digital currency. Reports surfaced that digital currency was slated to be preferred currency transaction mechanism of the future. Since joining Steem, I now understand more about how and why the blockchain was created.

I'm also learning about cryptocurrency and its markets. Trading concepts will take me a bit longer to grasp.

My Steem favourites
I just celebrated my 6-month anniversary on January 29th. It's only been a short time, but I have learned a lot about blogging. That's the activity I engage in on Steem. I utilize the front-end applications Steemit and Steempeak. I like Steempeak best due its capability to allow me to create and save templates; create blogs and save as drafts; and scheduled blogs to be sent later.

Steempeak's scheduling capability was extremely useful several weeks ago when unexpectedly, my internet stopped working properly. My favorite writing genre is fiction.

My golden nugget advice
With my short tenure, I'm by no means an expert on Steem. But what I do know is that if you are not yet a member of Steem, then definitely give it a try. If you like to blog and connect with others, then try something different from the other social media platforms.

And, if you are new to Steem, then make sure you connect with other Steemians. You can accomplish this in several ways. When you post a blog, engage with others when they comment on your content. Leave comment on other Steemians' blogs. And if you like their content, then give an upvote in support of them. Always remember, you get what you give. If you want others to support you, then reciprocate. If you want others to respect you, then show respect.

My Steem hood & its peeps
During my 6 months on Steem, I've met some amazing people. They are talented, witty, and knowledgeable. Through engagement with them, I've learned a lot about Steem. I also discovered several communities or groups that I joined. My fiction writing found a home in these communities.

The first community I joined was Steem Terminal. This group was founded by @xcountytravelers, @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie. Together they assist new members to Steem by helping them learn and grow their accounts. This is wonderful place to begin your journey. The team, with their moderators are always ready and willing to help new Steemians learn all aspects of posting a blog. I recommend joining this community first upon arrival on Steem.

Next, the CTPTalk Tribe is available for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. @jongolson heads this community and does an awesome job in helping his members understand affiliate marketing and reach their goals.

The Power House Creatives community is headed by @jaynie. She is another dedicated Steemian who is willing to help anyone who is serious about their Steem journey.

Other communities that are great to become members of are: Steemitmamas, Innerblocks, FreeWrite House.

Even though I ventured into the unknown by joining Steem, the fog has lifted enough where I can start to understand what I'm doing on this platform. I'm learnin more each day.

I'd like to invite 5 Steemians to join in this initiative:


  1. Create a post titled: “My Steem Story – By

  2. The first three tags in order are to be as follows:

  3. ONLY make use of the cover image provided in this post.

  4. Keep the same formatting and placement (intro, footer instructions etc.)

  5. Replace the personal photo with one of your own.

  6. Tag 5 people to join in on the initiative.

  7. Share your post to twitter.

  8. Share your twitter link and Steem post link in the comments of @jaynie’s “Steem Story” post.


Write a post which shares and gives adequate response to the following headings:

Where my Steem Journey began
(How you first discovered Steem and your very first thoughts and impressions “as you landed”.)

My initial challenges & how I overcame them
(Share a bit about the difficulties you faced at the beginning, whether it was navigation, post creation, engagement – whatever – how you resolved them and how differently you feel about it now)

My Steemblockchain knowledge
(Give a little bit of background on your blockchain knowledge when you began your Steem journey versus now.)

My Steem favourites
(What are the things you do mostly on the blockchain – is it blogging, vlogging? What front ends do you like to make use of and what content genre’s do you generally focus on?)

My golden nugget advice
(What advice would you offer to those that are unfamiliar or new to this space)

My Steem hood & its peeps
(Share a little about the communities you belong to, discord servers you frequent and perhaps a handful of the awesome people you follow)


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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There is a lot to learn and it is still evolving.

Lovely to have connected with you @justclickindiva.

Yes, never stop learning I always say @redheadpei. That way, you won't ever think you "know it all." Because no one on this Earth does.

For sure @justclickindiva. The older I get the less I know I that’s an odd looking sentence. 😂

Not at all @redheadpei. I understood it perfectly. lol

I dont think any of us will ever stop learning lol.

I really love your post! I am also just starting my Steem journey. So much to learn. The more we learn about crypto the less scary it seems. It is natural to fear the unknown and/or what we don't understand. I will be revisiting this post to learn more. Thank you for sharing your Steem journey.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my post @lisamgentile1961. Yes, it was scary for me. Like stepping into the Twilight Zone. If you don't yet follow the individuals I mention in my post, please do so.

Also, are you a member of Steem Terminal? That's where to start.

You're welcome, @justclickindiva! No, I am not yet a member of Steem Terminal. Will be checking that out!

If you're interested, just click on the Steem Terminal banner in the footer of my post.

I guarantee you'll enjoy this great community.

Take care.

A belated welcome to Steem @lisamgentile :)

And before the next half year here on steemit you became a moderator in our staff team aswell. We are glad to have you and we think alike. The contest mode is on and we dont like when people dont respond. You do well and with this attitude all will be grand at your steemiversary in July. You can always ask for help you know that untill than we got your back

We seemed to share a lot of similar conundrums at first, particularly with how to post and the right formatting. Glad you stuck through with it! I always really enjoy reading your posts.

Thank you @wwwiebe. You are so kind. Seems like I've told "my story" several times now in differen ways for each one of these contests. Hope people don't get tired of hearing about it.

Glad I finally found my footing with the help of lots of Steemians. One thing I found was that all the people I've met so far have been fantastic supports and encouragers of my journey here. And helpful to correct me when I stray. Sort of like older siblings. Thanks to everyone.

I appreciate your stopping in to read and engage with me. Take care, and have a great day.

What a great story! Well done, @justclickindiva!

Thank you so much for your kind words @zeleiracordero. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read my content. So glad you liked it. Seems like I've done several of these, that by now I was hoping I wasn't boring everyone by repeating myself. So I tried to pare it down and look at it from a different aspect.

Take care.

I would never have guessed that you had only been here for six months hon... you are like part of the furniture already hahaha :D

Thank you for your lovely contribution to this initiative xxx


LoL. In age yes, @jaynie. I'm a grandmother. I worked 35 years in corporate America in the legal environment. But I put my writing to the side all those years. It never went away. I'm the 5th of 7 kids, and everyone depended on me to take care of everything. I wrote about it. Didn't have time nor tolerance for social media until now on Steemit with the kids grown and free to enjoy my RV.

The writing part is easy. Just needed to navigate the Steemit social waters and arrange all players on the chessboard.

Thanks for this initiative. I enjoyed it, and have a difficult time stop writing when I get started. Have a great week ahead, and appreciate all your support and encouragement you extend.

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Thank you for joining the PHC challenge @justclickindiva, your story is inspiring. 💕

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