Hive Fatigue

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It does not suit someone who is on Hive for only six months to start talking about Hive Fatigue. But, I have to say that I am beginning to think that I am obsessively involved in the platform from the very beginning.

This has nothing to do with the platform as it has been super-helpful and filled with awesome passionate users. However, it is also true that it's my fault that I could not categorize my priorities and tried to get involved in everything and anything I could. My initial goal was to get noticed and make some coins in the process. I networked, commented, got involved and made my online presence. Things are going pretty well for me as my posts are being read, commented on and encouraged.


While everything is going well, I felt that I was pushing much harder in gaining coins that I should. Yes, my primary purpose to join the platform was to earn cryptocurrency.But, I quickly realized that this is not a place to make some quick money but it is a long journey.

So, there is always this conflict between getting quick money and staying here for the beauty of the platform and not thinking much about the coin, which is hard by the way.

And, after almost all these months I am beginning to think that I must prioritize myself with the communities I am involved with and the engagement I plan. It is almost impossible to be the champion. If being champion was that easy then everyone would be the Hive Champions by now :)

Going forward, my goal to not have Hive fatigue is through specific engagement and prioritization. I will not think about the Hive price and will completely forget that I am here to earn crypto. I will earn crypto in the long run with my engagements but at least, I will not be running after the numbers. It is extremely tiring if I keep thinking about returns and investments 😇

This post is to remind myself that I was here to earn but then I stayed here to enjoy. Let's see if this will make things better for me going forward.


You are experiencing a first crisis. Imagine someone who start 3 years ago...
Being a Hiver is not an easy work at all, frustration and euphoria feelings come and go very often.

I cannot imagine how all these community members including you are doing this for more than three years. Kudos to all.
Do you sometimes feel this way?

hehehhe, yes, and I think everybody feels that way sometimes

Thank god that I am not the only one :) I will have to refresh and reengage.

Just have some fun out there and enjoy interacting with the stuff you like.

Yeah, the plan is to have fun. But, sometimes I am carried away with numbers 🎃🤣

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