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You are trying to do something, but you are not winning. How do you see this?

So you are a loser. How about you are a learner?

You are learning from all this, and you are getting better day by day. I talk about martial arts and self defense, you know if you read my content. To condition your body is important. When you are not winning, you are conditioning.

Who said you are going to win fast? Okay, even if you win fast and you see success early and later, you have a hard time, you might be disappointed and give up.

You are hustling and conditioning yourself. You at least know what does not work. And this could be the pillar of your success. How you see things, that matters. Let's watch this video.


If you want to do anything such as affiliate marketing, building an online business, job, travelling, just go for it. You do not need anyone's affirmation.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments below. See you around!

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