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The spider is an animal very familiar to us. Occasionally, spiders and their nets are seen around the room.Spiders are basically an insect special. It usually has eight legs. Anyway, we all hope, familiar with spiders. Moreover, for the Hollywood movie spider-man, we are familiar with the word spider.

Because, the number of people who haven't seen the Hollywood spider-man movie is probably hand-counting. The movie is one of my favorite. Anyway, I'm not going that way. Because, this is not the main topic of my discussion.

Some words about Spider



I like that side of the spider very much. That is, its net is woven. Because it makes its nets very skillfully. In my opinion, spiders are much bigger tailors.

In weaving spider webs, no defects are seen. And this net is a way to prey on their food. There are some exceptions, however, are spiders, which jump on prey and prey. However, many spiders catch prey in their nets and take food.


Some Inspirational Words

When I was in school, we had a passage in our English textbook. The passage is about spiders and King Robert Bruce of Scotland. When King Robert Bruce of Scotland lost a battle six times and fled to a cave in fear of his life, he noticed a spider weaving a web and repeatedly failed. But the spider did not give up hope.

When a spider weaves a web, it fails. Just trying again next time. After trying so long, the spider succeeds for the seventh time. Then Robert Bruce thought, if a spider succeeds as a result of the seventh attempt. Then why can't I try again and again. I also tried. Then he got involved in the battle for the seventh time and won the battle for the seventh time.

Although I do not know if this is true.


But one thing is true, the spider succeeds in making its web, in one attempt. But it is not. As a result of trying again and again but it can skillfully create its net.

We can learn patience from spiders. After we try any of our tasks 1 to 2 times, we give up our work if we fails. Yet as a result of repeated attempts by an animal much smaller than us, it once succeeded. But we are the best creatures of creation. But once we fails, we give up our work and say it won't happen by us.

So, we can learn from the spider the ability to be patient and try again.

Another thing is that we can learn from any small creature in nature. If we want. And if we don't want to, we can't learn from the biggest creatures.

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