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I've been waiting for some time to be able to share my cherry blossom photos with the community. I am taking cherry blossom photos each and every year as it's a splendid phenomenon, so many tiny white or pink flowers in one spot. Last year I was limited by the pandemic, could only took a few photos here and there, always looking over my shoulder to see if the police and military patrol is coming or not.

This year I'm late because of the cold weather that mother nature treated us in April. It should have been the beginning of the year, but I'm here now, showing you some lovely cherry blossom photos.





















It was after the rain, so some petals are holding raindrops but it makes it even more interesting in my opinion.

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One of my most favourite trees and fruits too 🙂

yeah I like cherry to

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Lol, mine too, can't wait to see them blossoming :)

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Beautiful photographs Erikah. The blossom is late here as well this year.

I'm hoping to go for a walk in some bluebell woods this weekend. We missed them last year.

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I miss these kinds of flower-like apple peace and cherry blossom because we have hot weather

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Thank you dear Gillian, sorry for the late reply, I have just realized I haven't replied to these comments.

Just posted the pink version :)

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looks beautiful man I loved it

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Thank you, I'm glad you do.

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Very lovely! Thanks for sharing! And I did like the raindrops ones too!

Thank you for the kind words. Rain is good too, even for photographers.

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Just beautiful! There are so many different formations to capture. I love how the shots are focused but still have the trees blurred in the background. This made me smile, thanks for sharing ~

Oh, thank you so much for the nice words. This is the beauty of modern photography devices.

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to reply to comments on this post.

Have a wonderful day my friend :)

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Oh that’s okay, it happens sometimes. I’m sitting here now trying to catch up on my reply’s as well ;)

Have a great weekend sweet friend ~ ❤️