Hive Stock Images: The Flower Bud of Durian Tree

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This morning I walked to the back yard of my mother’s house in Bireuen Town of Aceh Province. While walking my eyes caught a pretty fascinating color of durian flower bud. The color of buds is pinky orange. We know that Durian Tree could grow easily in Southeast Asia countries, like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Not everyone like to eat durian due to its strange smell and taste. But I am pretty sure, everyone may be liking its bud color. As long as I know it’s not all variant of durian tree has this pinky orange color. Most variant of durian have green white to ivory color.

The size of durian flower is ranging from 5-8 cm in diameter. And it grows in clusters. Each flower is composed of five rounded petals, a calyx, pistil, and slender bunches of elongated stamens.Source











Thanks for sharing the lovely and so beautiful pictures of these flowers.
I have not seen these flowers in reality but these looks lovely. Even the buds are lovely and colors are good too.
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