Hive stock images –City scapes – free to use for all hive ecosystem members

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Dear hive stock images community. Again I have scraped through my drives and set aside some pictures that are free to use for everyone.

I would really appreciate if you would mention me should you decide to use one of these city scape photos.

Thank you and hope to see you around.

IMPORTANT: @nathanmars has a proposal and if you are not using all your votes yet it would be cool to get this funded!











just came in to comment love the pictures good to the T

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You've shared the pool before. 😉 I'll index under cityscapes for the rest.
Where are these, by the way?

Ah thanks I was not sure if it was in already :) Is there anything we terribly need and is not covered? I have so many pictures haha.

Things were DON'T need more of are flowers and insects (except mosquitoes). 😅

The most in demand things are often images of people and emotions, but these are hard to do photography wise without model releases. It needs to be in such a way that the people in the images aren't recognisable.

Lets say I have an in house model or more than one. How would a hive related model release look like?
Do you have a template ready that applies to the blockchain? Where do I send my signed model releases?

There isn't any need for a special Hive model release, the standard ones will do as you just need a document that clearly states the model gives away all the rights to the photographer. There are free paper versions available to download and print, however I recommend using a mobile app called "Easy Release", I've been using it for years, it saves a lot of time and pain. You need a witness as well so 3 signatures in total. In case of a self portrait (I've released few), two of the signatures are the same (model & photographer); the witness signature is obligatory again as well :)

The witness is new to me but ok thanks for the update. So I can upload self portraits and have my GF sign as a witness. and vice versa :) Thats cool.
Thanks for the suggested app, will check it!

Yes! :) Pleasure! Model releases require a (snap) photo of the model being attached so this small app really has it all. It isn't free but few years ago when I purchased it, it was something like EUR 10. Totally worth it. I changed phones few times since then, my license stays intact.
My GF also signs my self-model releases, LMAO

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