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In this video, I will show you the most important steps that you need to take in order to post your first article on the blockchain using the platform is an amazing platform that allows you to interact with the blockchain. All the articles that you write on Peakd will also be visible on other front ends like or Dapplr.

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Hello friend
I am not bale to watch the video, error- 232404

Maybe you can try with another browser and look if it plays. Thanks for stopping by.

Wow that is a really great video tutorial for posting on PeakD Achim, thanks a lot for contributing to this project, I have added it to the index in the guide post.


Nice to see this project evolve. I think it's a great idea to have a knowledge base like that. Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks Achim, it can only be realised together with the community.


Thanks a lot for your comment!

nice post, thanks achim

Thanks a lot for stopping by !

Great video tutorial, Achim! Thanks in the name of all newcomers to the platform!

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I really appreciate this great gif under my posts but I totally understand that this curation should help as many people as possible and that my posts can't always be selected. Just know that your great comments are for me the biggest rewards ;-)

awesome video and tips.

Thanks a lot for your comment and the reblog!

Great video, this will help new people to understand how Peakd works. Also it's a good addition to the new Affiliates Community.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

I still think ifeverybody is not aware of peakd when I see user sharing link to I am most comfortable in using peakd interface.

Peakd is definitely an amazing platform. Some days I still find gadgets that I was not aware of :-)

Nice tutorial on getting started posting on peakd.

Thanks a lot for your feed-back and for reblogging my post!

great video thanks for sharing

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Great tutorial! I like using too, although I have only been able to use the wallet feature. It wouldn't let me upload photos, so I couldn't use it to post on the blockchain. Happy weekend! :)

Thanks a lot for your comment. Fortunately I can also upload photos with peakd. For me it's the perfect tool. Nice week-end to you too :-)

An awesome guide for the beginners about writing posts on Peakd. Formatting your posts matters. As you mentioned one of your posts, formating is like packaging your products. It will attract customers. Thank you @achim03.ctp for making this video.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and your comment!

Great video, Achim. There are some features you mentioned that I had not discovered before that I will start using. Thanks for the information.

I'm happy that it could help you in this way. Thanks a lot for your comment!

This is a great video, Achim! This will help a lot of new Hive users when they are getting started. PeakD is one of the best platforms to use for blogging as well. :) (I also appreciate you making a mention about posting ORIGINAL content, too.)

Thank you for continuing to bring us great content. Keep it up! 💜

Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I really like peakd and I discover new gadgets on it every day :-)

Oh it's an amazing platform. That, @threespeak & @dapplr are my favs. I'm covered with everything! 🙌

Posted using Dapplr

Very good info for us beginners, thanks a lot for making this post and video.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

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