How to set a beneficiary for your posts on Hive

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For several reasons, you might want to set a beneficiary for your posts on Hive.

What is a beneficiary?

When you write a post, you have the choice to decide who will recieve the author rewards of this post. Normaly the beneficiary of a post is yourself. However sometimes you might want to set somebody else as a beneficiary.

What are you giving away?

When you set a beneficiary, you will give away a part from the author rewards of the post. If for example your post value reaches 10$, then 7 days after publication 5$ will be paid to the curators and 5$ will go to the author. By setting beneficiaries to your posts, you have the possibility to distribute the author rewards. You normaly set it as a percentage. If you decide to give away 10% of the rewards, the beneficiary will get 10% of 5$ = 0.5$.

How to set a beneficiary for your posts?

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Watch this video on Lbry

An example
The beneficiary of this post will be the new CTP Swarm Booster @ctpsb. 50% of the author rewards of this post will go to this account. Check-out what @ctpsb is all about

Where to check the beneficiaries of a post?

You can check the beneficiairies of a post on Just hover over the post value and you will see it pop up.


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Thanks for sharing this great tutorial about beneficiaries on Hive... As Erik said, it's a pity that it doesn't work on 3speak, but I hope that they will fix it in the future...

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Thanks a lot for your comment my friend and thanks for the gif :-)

Thank you for doing this tutorial. You explained it very simply so it should help a lot of people who were confused about this. I don't get why @threespeak doesn't have this option anymore, but hopefully they will bring it back eventually.

I did think that perhaps when a person uploads a video on that platform, they might be able to go back into the post through PeakD or whatever to set the beneficiary amount? Just a thought. I might test it out in my next video & see if it works.

Good to see you on LBRY as well so I gave you a tip ;) Have a great one, my friend!

Sometimes things for us long time owners seem very clear but I think it's good to remember that even such small things might be tricky for somebody quite new on the chain.

Thanks a lot for the generous lbry tip :-) A nice to you too my friend!

Great post and video Achim, and well done showing how to add beneficiaries, just a shame that it does not work on 3speak, it is my understanding that you can edit the beneficiaries after publish, though I have not tried that myself, but that it does not work on 3speak vidoes since they are blocking that, I could be wrong of course.

I have seen that you can add beneficiaries with Dapplr, so I will actually try that out today with my daily video which I will also try out uploading to Dapplr for the first time, let's see how it goes.

I have added this post too the index, thanks a lot for your great work, and stay awesome.


At a time on 3speak they offered the possibility to set benificiaries but it never really worked. Maybe it's because they already take 11% for themselves from each post. Let me know how it works with Dapplr.

Thanks for adding it to the index.

Yeah if I am actually correctly informed about not being able to edit beneficiaries for 3speak videos it's that they use the posting authority to just reset any changes, I could be wrong.

It is a great feature that you can add anyone as a beneficiary. The rewards will go to that person automatically. Thank you @achim03.ctp for making this tutorial!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm sure most of us, including me, was needing something like this :)
Sad though #3speak not having that as well since I mostly post videos lol
I will contribute to the CTP Swarm Booster manually ;)
Keep up the awesome work!

It's a pitty we can't set it on 3speak. There was this option before but they took it away. I've tried it a couple of times but it never worked.

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Looks like something I should read so I reblogged it for myself so I can look at it on my larger laptop

That's a good idea :-)