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Hello fellow Padawans!

In today's video, I talk about the Thank You Pages that you must add inside a campaign in your Autoresponder!

After creating a campaign, there will be somewhere in your Autoresponder a place to add landing pages, where you should add your Thank You Pages.

You Autoresponder must have the Double Opt-in feature so you can secure the subscriber inside your list.

That is why you should have a thank you for subscribing page and a thank you for confirming page.



These represent a more personal touch of your campaign so you can start building relationships right away!

The thank you for subscribing must have a creative way to guide them to their email and check for the confirmation email so they don't miss is and as soon as they click confirm, the thank you for confirming page will appear and on this one you can add your Social Media for example, or even a link to your blog ;)

You can build your Thank You Pages inside Click Track Profit, or any other page creator that you might use

You can also use Canva to make creative pages!

The Autoresponder is a very important tool for Online Business and it must be considered a must-have and invest in it without any doubts!

Do your search and see what suits you.


May the Force be with YOU!


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Great post . Yes ty page is realy important ....Never understend double opt in till now

Thank you! Glad it helped :)

I agree with all that you said even though I use single opt it for my lists. lol
You get a better open rate and a little more active list with double opt in but I prefer to use single and send them straight to the thank you page so they can see what they opted in for right away. This is not a right or wrong thing really, but more of a personal choice. Great information as always.

As long as they are joining your list and you're getting results I'm happy lol
Thank you Mike :)

Great video and advice about the Thank You Pages Eliana, there are basically 2 reasons why the autoresponder has double opt-in, and one is to be whitelisted by the big email providers by only sending out emails to people who have asked for it, and the other is that some locations demand it by law, thanks for you great work, I have added it to the index.


Oh that part I didn't know! Thanks Erik for the info!

Keep up your good work. 👍🙏❤️

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