Are you ready for the next update of the CTP Dolphin Swarm ?

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Yesterday I was very happy because I managed to reach the 5k thereshold with my main account @achim03. Today my friend Zoltan @ph1102 kindly informed me that reaching Delphinhood means to have 10 million Vests. Which respresents something around 5200 Hive Power... and not 5000 Hive Power....

I want to do things correctly and in order to be a real Dolphin I powered up an additional 160 HP today ;-).

There are now 6 Dolphins in the CTP Swarm! Only 4 left until @jongolson manages to reach his Dolphin Swarm goal !

One more Dolphin in the Swarm – A new spot available to get upvoted

Since I'm a Dolphin now, I won't be able to get upvoted by the @happyvoter account. It is the next in line who will be able to profit from these upvotes. Congratulations to @guurry123 who will get one upvote a day from the @happyvoter account. @pixiepost is very close to reach the Dolphin status and this would free another spot which at the moment is hold by @maddogmike...

The ranking


UserHP 6.8HP 12.8

The Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 6.8HP 12.8
@achim03 (New)4,6245,218

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 6.8HP 12.8

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

Total Swarm Power

It's amazing to see how the whole community is developping and I found it would be a good idea to calculate the cumulated Hive Power that we own as a swarm.

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

When I look at these numbers, it's great to see that as a swarm we are getting more and more powerful. We grow in terms of cumulated Hive Power and also in number of Users...

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Thanks for the program...
I am glad to be under 12...

Congrats for the top12!

I felt so bad when I sent you DM about the vests and HP required for dolphin rank... :(

But, I'm happy that you got into the Dolphin club! Welcome, my friend!

You put him in the Dolphinhood rather. Keep up

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hehehehe... exactly... motivated him to push more... :)

No problem my friend :-). Next step ... Orca ... ;-)

Oh, yes... Big time... Working on it and will for some time...
Do you want to compete? lol 🤣

Do you want to compete? lol 🤣

Of course... lol... I'll be at 10 K when you turn Orca

I better up my game 😉

You are progressing at high speed but the others are not sleeping ;-)

Congrats @achim03.ctp reaching Dolphin is a great milestone, I can see that a few are racing ahead to reach the status as well.

Thanks for keeping these posts and keeping us all informed :)

Well done

Thanks a lot. The race is on ;-). I believe that people are getting caught in the game and they are progressing faster every day!

Very cool to see the growth of others and the combined swarm.

I also see that I need to step up my game. Some of the others are growing crazy fast.

Man it's great that you take part in the race. In the end everybody wins with a powerful swarm!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

That is indeed true. Together we grow faster!

It is exciting to see how we all are moving forward. The way you show everything in this post, that's awesome! We can see the whole picture just looking at your post. Thank you @achim03.ctp!

Thanks a lot for your kind feed-back!

Very nice!! That's an awesome accomplishment

Thank you very much!

HP 6.8 HP 12.8
what is diffrence betwen those to HP

6.8 & 12.8 are the dated (6th of August & 12th of August)

Oh I see. Thanks

Thanks for your comment @guurry123 is right, it's the dates.

Thank you-I didnt know.

So cool man!!

Welcome to Dolphinhood!!!

And great idea about the total HP of the swarm. Brilliant stuff.

It's quite impressive how the community grows as a whole. From 122K HP on 20.7 to 133K HP today. That's 9 % increase in 3 weeks...

yeah i think more people are buying into it...they see you guys leading by example and crushing it, it's contagious!

Congratulations on becoming a dolphin.

Thank you!

Big congrats to becoming a real Dolphin too Achim, you just could not let Pixie get ahead lol, really great to see all this growth in the Dolphin Swarm, keep up your great work.

Thanks a lot Erik... Let's continue the great work and approach the Orca Swarm... lol...

Yeah Jon is there we can't let him escape lol.

Awesome update and Congratulations, @achim03.ctp!

Thank you!

Nice Achim and Congratulation to @guurry123 for now in top 12.

Thanks a lot !

Amazing updates! Yipee everyone! We can all do it!!! :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by! Yes let's continue on this path!

Good to have you Dolphin♥️

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Thank you!

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