From 179K to 194K in two weeks

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Finally I've found the time to make an update of the CTP Dolphin Swarm. It's been too long since the last update and I'm sorry for the wait. Well I was kind of occupied with the CTPSB project ;-).

It's about two weeks ago that we had the last update and a lot of things have happened in between. You will see when looking at the ranking below that the swarm has developed amazingly in these two weeks. Now that we have the @ctpsb account upvoting the authors of the swarm, I believe that everybody will grow even faster.

The CTP Swarm has passed from 179k HP to 194k HP in two weeks!!!

Some figures about the CTPSB project

I didn't want to make a new update of the CTPSB project so I allow myself to write a short note here. 24 hours passed since the tokens were distributed. In this time 94 new tokens were emitted and sold on the market. At the same time the value of the token passed from 1.017 Hive to 1.019 Hive. This is an increase of 0.19 % in 1 day!!!

Upvotes by @happyvoter

In addition to the @ctpsb account that is upvoting all the authors in the CTP Swarm, we have the account @happyvoter who is upvoting the candidates for the dolphin swarm. The first 17 people in this ranking will get upvoted once a day by the @happyvoter account that has 2659 Hive Power.

@theroad2freedom has progressed in the ranking and has taken the place of @hirohurl for the @happyvoter upvotes. The competition is fierce ;-)

The ranking


UserHP 14.9HP 2.10

Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 14.9HP 2.10

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 14.9HP 2.10

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

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Hi Achim
Great post and this post helps to understand and track how we are moving on hive.
@bradleyarrow is moving fast to dolphin level and congrats to him for his hard work.

I have added 1273 HP and jumped to 16609 from 15336 HP. My goal is to have 20k HP and I need to get 3391 in 3 months which is 1130 HP per month.

@ph1102 is leading the way and I am following him.
This journey is so much fun on hive and thanks again for sharing this wonderful post.


I believe you can reach the 20K. It's going to be head to head with @ph1102 of who gets there first :-)

wait, what? :)

Competition is good... I said that yesterday... 🤣



ctpsw is a good initiative and I ama glad to be part of the project. This is my firt project where I am involved from initial level....
Thanks for all good work you are doing for the community....
One question is their any tining the ctpsb upvote or its a random?

Thanks for being part of the ctpsb project. It's nice to have you on board!

I love to see the growth of the community

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

I am lagging in my Hive powerup but I am building some nice stakes around tribes including CTP.

It's indeed not easy to grow on all levels. The important thing is to have a certain strategy and stick to it.

We are still searching for that 10th dolphin? And if someone's jump into Orca, then we will be on 8 dolphins? :)

And the growth of 15K HP in two weeks is awesome!

I think @bradleyarrow will become dolphin before the month ends. But true if you get to orca before the end of the year, we will need one more dolphin at least ;-)

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