Only 168HP until 10 Dolphins

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The CTP Swarm is growing gradually and continuously. Since the last update on 2nd of october, the combined Hive Power has increased from 194K to 200K. The average Hive Power per Hive Owner has passed the bar of 5129 HP. In the average we are a dolphin Swarm!

Target of 10 Dolphins almost reached

There are already 9 dolphins in the swarm that have reached more than 5000 Hive Power (actually you need around 5160 HP to become an official dolphin but we will keep this 5K mark). @bradleyarrow is progressing at the speed of light passing from 4268 HP to 4832 HP in 11 days. This makes him only 168 HP away from the 5000 HP mark and from us reaching the goal of 10 dolphins!

We are seeing amazing progressions

Our orca @jongolson is flying towards 100K. He is only 16'000 HP away from it. Let's all upvote his posts so that he can get there;-). Behind him we have our super dolphins @ph1102 and @alokkumar121 who are getting close to 20K Hive Power. Then we have the very dynamic dolphins like @pixiepost and @flaxz who grow by around 50 - 100 HP per week!

But also among the candidates for the dolphin swarm we have people who really develop very fast. I would like to point out @bradleyarrow but also @russellstockley or @rcaine who are making huge jumps in HP.

We will get 10 dolphins for sure but we also see a lot of people that will come very close to it by the end of the year

Upvotes by @happyvoter

In addition to the @ctpsb account that is upvoting all the authors in the CTP Swarm, we have the account @happyvoter who is upvoting the candidates for the dolphin swarm. The first 17 people in this ranking will get upvoted once a day by the @happyvoter account that has 2672 Hive Power.

The ranking


UserHP 2.10HP 13.10

Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 2.10HP 13.10

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 2.10HP 13.10

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

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Dolphins to the Moon 🚀
Hope to reach it really soon :)
Thank you for the reports Achim!

You are welcome Eliana. Thanks for stopping by!

Great to see the growth Achim, and yeah Bradley has most like got a rocket power him, keep up the good work.

Yes I don't know what kind of fuel he has but it's

Hi, love this update 🍀 I'm a orca two but I use only 35k hp becouse of delegations.
Noe the question, how should I set the settings for the vote, once per day or more? I was thinking about 10times but I'm not shure, any recomandations?

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Thanks a lot for stopping by. There is actually a little curation trail that upvotes the Dolphin Candidates. If you want to follow the trail with a little percentage, that would be amazing. The trail runs under the account @mybiel. It votes with 100% after 4 minutes. The @happyvoter account votes 0.5 minutes later also with 100%.

Awsome, thank you I will set that up with 100% as well,

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That's awesome!

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Love reading these reports. Pushing pushing pushing.

Keep on pushing man, you will be a dolphin in no time!

Thanks for mentioning....
@bradleyarrow is doing very good...
More then 500 hp junp in 11 days... nice progress
Beat of luck for all ....

It's quite impressive to see this 500HP jump! Thanks for your comment!

Nice progress.

Our orca @jongolson is flying towards 100K. He is only 16'000 HP away from it.

Let me add him on my auto upvote list.

Let me add him on my auto upvote list.

Thank you for all that you do for the team 😉👍🏼

You are welcome and thanks a lot for stopping by!

WTG everyone

Thanks for stopping by!

YW this week will try do more-i had a bit slow

1 to Go! :)
All be Dolphin pretty soon!

It's only a matter of days! Thanks a lot for your comment!

Awesome post as always and glad that all the we all are growing and accumulating good amount of Hive tokens. The best of all, we have long term goals and it's great. Thanks @achim.ctp for sharing this post.

Thanks a lot for your kind words. We are doing well and aiming for the long term!

Those are some crazy numbers! We can do a 10K HP increase per week! Maybe it's time to make a new goal? :)

An idea for a goal would be to reach 300K with the whole swarm :-). Thanks a lot for your comment!

This is awesome! Thanks for the update! It is always inspirational to see what is possible when looking at the leaders on these ranking lists!

Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. It's inspiring to see what others are reaching and we just want to do the same :-)

This is awesome. I knew about ctpsb but not happyvoter. I’ll delegate some HP to the latter.

I just saw your delegation to @happyvoter. Thanks a lot this is really awesome and will help the candidates to reach dolphinhood even faster :-)

Since I don't know the particular contents ctptalk community welcomes, I have plans to be a curator and I'm growing my staking frequently. Also, I do add CTP tag in some of my posts, don't know if that's allowed.

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The CTP tribe is all about marketing and online business. It's a great community and I believe it's a good idea to stake some CTP :-)


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Hey @achim03.ctp, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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