Let me present my idea to develop the CTPSB project

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Watch video on Lbry

I've finally managed to create a video to present my „thing“... thanks for being patient with me ;-)

The idea would be to bring income from outside the Hive ecosystem to the CTPSB project. These funds could be used either to buy hive to increase the hive power, to buy CTP tokens to increase the value of these tokens or simply to hold different crypto currencies like we do already with Leo or CTP.

A toolbox for affiliate marketers

I've been trying to come up with a kind of toolbox for affiliate marketers. We are all building our lists and we put a lot of efforts into it. The problem that I see often is that once the list is built, we fail to come up with ways to monetize it. I find it often difficult to come up with things to promote.

When I send e-mails to my list, I often use very short e-mails just to trigger the curiosity of the reader. In these mails I put a link to a kind of landing page that comes with a video and a sign up button. In the video, I present the program that I want them to join. I have quite good results with that way of doing. A lot of people are much more prone to watch a video rather than to read a long e-mail I believe.

Ok but what does it have to do with the CTPSB project?

My idea would be to provide such landing pages for you. These landing pages could be used with your own referral links. You could send your subscribers to these pages through e-mails. You would only need to write the mail and link it to this page and all the work would be done for you. You could then do the same for another program in the next mail.

I would start with a couple of such landing pages and then increase their number continuously. Like that you would always have some offers to promote to your lists.

On each of these landing pages there would be a small banner of an ad network that counts unique views. The income from these banner ads would go into the CTPSB project.

Imagine if you send your e-mail list to one of these landing pages? You might generate a certain amount of unique views. Imagine now that several people are doing the same?
Now imagine that everybody in the community sends their list to one of these pages every day...

We could generate quite an important amount of traffic. Combined I believe that we would be able to generate some income in the form of BTC.

Creating downlines for the CTPSB project

If you run out of ideas you could check the list of landing pages that would be available and maybe there is something new that you don't know. There would be a sign up link provided to you and you could join these programs under the CTPSB or my account (sometimes it's not possible to create several accounts with the same IP). This again might generate referral income for the project. It could also generate credits for traffic exchanges or viral mailers that could be used to promote the project.

How would it look like?

I created a sample link creation page and a landing page. I took a video from one of my courses and this would have to be changed of course. Just that you have an idea how it could look like:
Link creation page
The landing page

The idea would be to have plenty of websites on this list and accordingly plenty of landing pages for you to choose from.

Your feed-back would be extremely valuable

What do you think of this idea. Each time I've such an idea I'm quite excited about it but sometimes I tend to overestimate things. I would be very glad if you could tell me if you could imagine using such landing pages? Maybe you have additional ideas that could be added to the project?

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I don't understand the full idea may be I have to read the post again .... but from quick reading I can understand that affiliation marketing may be good source of the income....

The video really helps, fwiw. Achim really explains it where we can all understand it :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by. As usual my ideas are a bit complex ;-). It definitely would be interesting to get an external income source.

This is a really cool concept to introduce to the CTPSB! Like @ph1102, I don't really do a lot of affiliate marketing either BUT I see huge potential in this.

Aside it from saving marketers a LOT of time, it seems it will pull in a lot more traffic to the sites that end up on the list as well as allow the CTPSB grow exponentially. :)

I am impressed with how you thought this out & how you ended up creating it as a "win win" situation. (I love how excited you became when you talked about that part. he he)
It is definitely worth trying out & see what magic can come out of this!

I am curious what the others have to say as well! Keep on crushing it, Achim!🤗🧡🙌

I love how excited you became when you talked about that part. he he

When you have ideas, they seem sometimes so good that you get all excited about it. After a couple of days and when you present them to others, they might shine a bit less :-).

Thanks a lot for your amazing comment!

Those are great ideas, but I'm not affiliate marketing savvy to give you good feedback regarding this... So, let us see what will our gurus say... :)

But, as a newbie, I would say that this will help a lot some of the marketers and reduce their time for creating additional pages, videos, etc...

Thanks a lot for your feed-back. I think it could be helping to save time for people. They would have a whole series of different programs that they could promote. The more landing pages we could propose and the more people would use them, the more traffic and views we would generate for the banner ads.

I think is great idea i love the landing page you done with video.What programs will you work on?Is Cointiply just a test?

Hi elizabeta,
Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes this is just a test to show how it would work. I would like to do such landing pages for plenty of different programs. Also for traffic exchanges, tools, viral mailers, video platforms and whather is useful for affiliate marketers.
The idea would be to have plenty of different programs that you could promote this way with minimal effort.

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