The CTP Dolphin Swarm is taking Form

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It's only one day ago that I wrote the last update about the CTP Dolphin Swarm. In a comment to the post @maddogmike informed me that @blainjones has jumped from 3'979 to over 5'000 HP over night!

We have more Dolphins than I thought

Yesterday I saw on Telegram that @cruisin was somewhat upset that he is not in this list. I'm terribly sorry that I have forgotten to add him so far. Hope he doesn't mind to be a dolphin ;-).

This means we have two more Dolphins in our Swarm! Congratulations @blainjones and @cruisin. Honestly I thought I would be the next one to become a Dolphin and I will probably have to speed up not to be passed by @rezoanulvibes, @pixiepost or even @bradleyarrow who seems to make quite big jumps in terms of Hive Power lately.

My idea is not to write a post every day about this project but I believe that we have to celebrate when one among us reaches the goal!

Our Dolphin Swarm

@cruisin (NEW)5,211
@blainjones (NEW)5,042

It's getting more and more interesting to be in the top 12

The @happyvoter account that is upvoting the posts of the top 12 candidates to be dolphins once a day has grown quite significantly over night thanks to the delegations over Dlease. These are the delegators:

@iamraincrystal 150 HP
@jongolson 101 HP
@ph1102 101 HP
@elianaicgomes 101 HP

There is still one more delegation of 100 HP available on Dlease (search for @happyvoter).

The account @happyvoter has now 1576 HP to upvote your posts. I also changed the settings of the upvotes. The upvotes will now be given at 100 %. This should be an additional motivation for you to reach the top 12.

New in top 12

Since @blainjones is now a dolphin and that he has reached the target of this project, he is not eligible to get upvotes anymore. This frees a spot for the next in line which is @robwillmann. From now on, he will get upvotes from the @happyvoter account.

Let's connect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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Nice to see the growing community...

It's growing with ever increasing speed :-)

Great result. Building a community takes time and effort but you are all heading in the right direction.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. It's nice to see how by working together and helping eachother we can develop and grow.

No worries. I always like to browse for new content and see what is happening along the chain. Lots to read and discuss every day.
Engagement is how we will build a strong community and people getting to know each other.

It's great to take the time and look a bit further than what we know already and meet new communities and engage with them.

Nice to see 3 new people with over 5K HivePower!


The number of CTP Dolphins starts to look impressive!

Rob beat me to it :) if you create more leases, I will jump in :)

Thanks for the list

I'll create some new leases soon. First I need to collect some Hive :-)

G'day @achim03.ctp
I wasn't upset but was a bit put out that I wasn't on the CTP Swarm list I thought I qualified for that at least but what would I know some days bugger all apparently, I even had to be told I had reached true proper Dolphin status Thanks @ph1102 for pointing it out and the nice graphic he sent me.

I will just go back to my fence staying under the radar to see what happens next in this journey on Hive.
Thanks for the shout out Achim

Thanks for the mention, and congrats! Well deserved!

Thanks again Zoltan I can't go wrong with you watching out for me.

P.S your @happyvoter lease has been filled.

That's amazing. Thanks a lot. This will give additional motivation for people to grow faster!

Sorry again for having omitted to add you to the list. Congratulations for being a Dolphin!

Wow what an update! Congrats @cruisin @blainjones 👏👏👏 more dolphins to come for sure!!!

The swarm is definitely growing much faster than expected!

I am sure that we are going to have more than 10 dolphin in this swarm before end of this year.

I honestly didn't believe that it would be so fast to have 5 of them. This makes me quite confident that we can reach at least 10 by the end of the year!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

So as the Dolphin Swarm is growing daily now, I am expecting you to reach that tomorrow stat, and also delegated a 100 HP spot to the project.

Hi @flaxz,

I still need around 600 HP to become a Dolphin. I will need a couple of days more I believe ;-). Thanks a lot for the delegation. This will be a great additional motivation for people to Power up and grow!

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