The Dolphin Swarm Project - The Ranking 15.7.2020

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About 12 days ago, I've written a first post about the CTP Dolphin Swarm Project. I had some time to think about it and I had some ideas how to spice this all up a bit ;-).

I thought it might be a good idea to keep a kind of ranking as a motivation to reach the dolphin status. So I will write regular posts to keep this ranking up to date.

Increase the speed of the Swarm Building

Just having a ranking is great but there should be an additional incentive here... I came up with a little idea to make this ranking more attractive but that also to help people to become dolphins faster.

If you are in the top 12, you will get my upvotes

I have an account with about 1'100 Hive Power called @happyvoter and this account will give one daily upvote to the posts of the people that are ranked in the top 12 of the candidates for the Dolphin Swarm!

People who are dolphins already or even above will not get upvotes anymore so that it frees places for the people coming below.

Of course my upvote won't change much but it will be a little contribution and I thought that maybe others would like to participate in this. I was thinking of making offers to take delegations on dlease at about 11%. That is what roughly could be expected by the curation rewards of this account.
Like that you could get an honest return on your money and at the same time you would be able to make the swarm grow. Would you be intersted in leasing funds for this project?

The ranking


UserHP 3.7HP 15.7

The Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 3.7HP 15.7

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 3.7HP 15.7

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

Let's connect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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Hello dear.... my name is missing...requesting you to add plese...

I've added you to the ranking

Thanks again

Woo hoooo I am in 5th place! 😁 This is an awesome "report" @achim03. It is so great to see everyone doing well & before long, we will all be Dolphins. Thank you so much for what you are doing for all of us & our community. You are amazing :)

Then, we can really reach more of the Hive blockchain - empower others as we empower ourselves! 💜 💜

Thank you very much for your kind feed-back! Let's take the power in our hands and spread it among ourselves :-)

I am a long way from being a dolphin or even a minnow, but will be interested to see the growth

Thanks for stopping by. We always need to start somewhere. The road might seem long, let's take one step at a time. I've added you to the ranking.

Hi Achim - I like the idea very much

Thanks a lot for the feed-back!

Sounds great! I look forward to following. :)

Thanks for your comment. I've added you to the ranking!

Great! Thanks @achim03.ctp :)

Great hopefully all achieve it really quick. Thank you for updating.

Thanks for your comment! Let's all become dolphins and pull the others with us :-)

Looks like I don't have far to go to get to the top 12. I am working on it!


Hope you get there asap ;-)

Great update on the progress of the Dolphin Swarm Achim, and nice initiative with your voting, just one more week and I expect be a Dolphin myself, and you are not long behind I see, keep up your awesome work, and swim like a Dolphin.

You are progressing at high speed towards being a Dolphin! I will need a bit more time to get there :-)

This is really cool. I have a long way to go before I'm a big fish but I'm having fun with the journey! :D

It's a long way to go but we all started once where you are now :-). I've added you to the ranking.

Nice thank you!

This is a great idea, Achim! Thanks for doing this!

I enjoy to keep rankings and statistics and I really like this concept of growing together :-). Thanks for your comment!

Thank you for adding my name in the list.

It's a great initiative to help the community.

No problem!

Wow this follow up post is awesome! It would be great to keep track of everyone's growth. I'll do my best to help out too. 😉👍

Thanks a lot for the feed-back and the support!

Great ranks

I've just added you to the ranking ;-)

Oh ty -i think i have a long way to go up.😀

We all need to start somewhere and I know how it is... I've been there ;-). So don't give up... one step at a time !

Thanks this communizy amaze me every time

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