The Dolphin Swarm Update

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Another week is gone and since I try to make it a weekly habit, here the update of the CTP Dolphin Swarm.

We have no new Dolphin yet but @pixiepost is getting closer and closer.

News about the @happyvoter upvote

So far the top 12 of the Dolphin Swarm were getting one upvote a day from the @happyvoter account that carries the weight of around 2000 HP. I've noticed that with 12 people the voting power was often idle at 100% and this is a kind of waste.

Starting today, the people in the top 15 of the candidates for the Dolphin Swarm will get one upvote a day to their posts. If later on I realize that the voting power is dropping too much, I will simply reduce the voting percentage a little bit.

These users have been added to the upvote trail: @djsl82, @maddogmike, @aslehansen

(EDIT) @elianaicgomes asked me to set up some new leases on dlease

There are 4 more leases of each 100 HP out that can be taken. Look on the Dlease Market for @happyvoter. You will get a return of around 11.2% APR and you will support the Swarm!

But here what you are waiting for:

The Ranking


UserHP 12.8HP 19.8

The Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 12.8HP 19.8

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 12.8HP 19.8
16@paulnulty (new)-146

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

Total Swarm Power

This week the Swarm developed again quite significantly as a whole. Our combined HP passed from 133K to 137K! I believe we are on the correct path here :-)

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

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Wow... ita efficient use of HP....
Ideal HP means loosing money.....

It's true that when you power up, it's going away from the liquid balance but on the other hand you can build a second income source with curation rewards or leasing out on dlease when you have some Hive Power.


Man 520 HP in one week! That's quite sensational. I have very little doubt that you will get to 5K in no time!

Really? Wow. Lol. Pushing.

Great progress, @bradleyarrow

Thanks 😊

I am super excited....getting so close I can see it. Make some room for me so I can swim with all of you Dolphins! :) Might have to trade my wings in for some fins lol.

Great report as always & keep up the awesome work, everyone :) 💚

You managed to increase by 180 HP in one week! That's quite amazing. Not long and I will have the pleasure to write a post about your becoming a dolphin :-)

Awesome so much moving and grooving on the swarm. Keep up the good work everyone

From 24HP to 28HP in one week. That's an increase of 16%! Congratulations

Thanks @achim03

Swarm Unite!
Let's keep that HP pumping!
Thanks for the updates Achim!
Still a long way for me, but soon :)

You increased by 70 HP in 1 week. That's quite great I would say :-). I saw that you finally took two of the leases :-). Thanks a lot!

Been vlogging almost every day if I recall and that grabs the attention of the whales sometimes :) yeah been organizing some delegations and decided for another lease. For the Swarm is worth it!

You will reach dolphin status in no time if you continue like that ;-)

Nice update Achim, and wow there have been some great moves by some people, really great to see the growth, I am sure Pixie will reach 5k HP this week, keep up your great work.

That's true there are quite some "jumps" in HP. I say it looks quite good for the whole tribe to progess at high speed :-).

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yeah it's just amazing to watch it all.

Hi @achim03.ctp,

This is a nice project. I have just delegated 200 Hive via DLease. :)

That's amazing. Thanks a lot in the name of the whole swarm. This will help everybody to progress even quicker!

This is a fantastic initiative and has my full support, I love to see the ladder climbers and am excited to see we almost have another dolphin.

Thanks @achim03.ctp for the continual update :) much appreciated

It seems to have a motivating effect on the people within the swarm. Some are "jumping" towards dolphinhood :-)

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Nice, I see your all delegation has also filled.
I think after this HPUD I will also do a 100 HP delegation.

I'll keep that in mind :-). I just need to collect some liquide Hive to be able to create some more leases :-)

Wow @achim03.ctp Thanks so much for the inclusion & I really enjoy following your swarm project. Fantastic work! :-)

You made a huge jumpt this week :-). It's well deserved.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Thanks, I invested a little too :)

I thought so :-). Thanks a lot for the delegation to @happyvoter! Another boast to bring this swarm forward!

wow great

You almost doubled your HP in 1 week! Congratulations

TY I am learning I guess.

Thanks Achim for doing this! In the name of all future dolphins!

It's great to see how people are taking real jumps in HP at all levels. Thanks for your support!

Thank you for the update! Keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot for your support!

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Hi @achim03.ctp I post maybe at least once or twice a week in the CTP Community. I'm not sure if this is considered regular or not but either way I admire your efforts, hard work and what you are doing for the CTP Community. Good Job! 😀👍

I've added you to the ranking! I saw that your account is on the blacklist of hivewatch and spamminator. The reason why you landed on the list could be among the following:

Users on this list have been identified by @spaminator and @mack-bot doing one of the following: spamming, post farming, comment farming or otherwise engaged in exploitative behavior. Provided by @spaminator, for more details go here:

Unfortunately from experience I know that it's virtualy impossible to get delisted from this list. So there is like not right to a second chance with these guys. With a friend who had a similar problem, we found the solution to create a new account and then delegated the HP of his old account to this new one. He then posted over the new account. Accounts on the blacklist have very few chances to develop unfortunately because people will not give upvotes.

Hope this helps :-)

I noticed that, this is so child like. It's either children or narrow minded adults who act this way. Never mind, I don't rely on Hive for anything and the people who know me, know me thats what matters. It's mind blowing that someone can dictate to you and harass you on a decentralized blockchain. My love for Hive went from 100 to 0 when this happened.