The Swarm is getting bigger

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The Swarm is getting bigger...

It's one week since the last CTP Swarm update. Not only are all the members of the CTP Swarm increasing in Hive Power, the number of people that qualify to be in this ranking increases as well.

How to qualify to be in this ranking?

The swarm is growing mainly because of people that I have forgotten to add so far. To qualify to be in this ranking and to get upvoted by the @ctpsb account, it is necessary to own staked CTP tokens (at least a couple of hundred tokens) and to post regularly using the CTP tag.

This week we have added the following people to the CTP Swarm: @jeanlucsr, @benthomaswwd, @medaymane. There are now 39 people in the CTP Swarm!

Why it is great to be in the CTP Swarm!!!

Happyvoter upvotes

If you are ranked between the 1st and 17th rank of the Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm, you get upvoted by the @happyvoter account. After an upvote there is a 24h cool down period. The number of people in the ranking that get these upvotes can change from one week to the next according to how much the voting power is used. At the moment the @happyvoter account votes your posts with 2'639 Hive Power!

CTP Swarm Booster upvotes

Everybody in the CTP Swarm (see ranking below) qualifies to be upvoted by the CTP Swarm Booster account (@ctpsb). Every author can get an upvote if his posts fulfil the following criteria:

  • At least 50 words
  • The post needs to have the #ctp tag
  • Cool down of 24 hours after a vote
  • The voting power of the @ctpsb account is over 85% at the moment of the vote

At the moment, the @ctpsb account upvotes your posts with 14'248 Hive Power !

If you want to learn how you can support this project, check-out CTPSB website

The ranking


UserHP 7.9HP 14.9

Dolphin Swarm

UserHP 7.9HP 14.9

Candidates for the Dolphin Swarm

RankUserHP 7.9HP 14.9

Is your name missing in this ranking? If you post regularly on ctptalk then write a comment so that I may add you to the list.

DateCumulated Hive PowerNumber of UsersAverage HP / User

P.S: 20% of the author rewards of this post will go to the CTP Swarm Booster

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I wait for this update to see how far I have in the last 7 days to my hive goal. My HP increased by 748 and I am so happy to make it.
I congratulate @bradleyarrow for doing great work and he should be the 10th dolphin.
Exceptions are always there..haha. Thanks for this nice post Achim


That was quite a jump man. 748 Hive in 1 week is amazing! You might pass Zoltan soon ;-)

That list has grown lately! Who will be our 10th dolphin?!
C'mon guys and girls! The race is ON :)

I think the most promising candidate at the moment is @bradleyarrow. He increases about 300 HP per week! At this rate, he will be a dolphin before the end of october!

I hope so 😃

I heard that his goal is to hit WHALE rank until the end of the year :)

Memememememememe lok

@elizabetamt: Plus 63 HP in one week!!! That is quite impressive.

I try....😀

Great update Achim, and let's see when @bradleyarrow gets to Dolphin, exciting times.

It's right swimy

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Perhaps we should have a prize draw to guess the date when the next Dolphin is born!

That would be an interesting idea ;-)

Amazing progress! Lovely to see participants growing in numbers!! :) thank you for all that you do for the community :)

It's really nice to see this swarm grow every day. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Pretty nice
Hopefully to have all the 39 Dolphins
Who'd be the luckiest 10th :)
Great going #CTP Tribe
Need a Whale, either

Hopefully to have all the 39 Dolphins

That would be quite nice indeed and we definitely need at least one whale :-)

Thanks for the add great post glad the community is growing

Happy to welcome you in the swarm :-)

Look like swam and Jon is in habit of reaching the goal early.

Nice work Achim.

I believe that Jon will get his 10 dolphins well before

So awesome to see everybody grow. And some are growing at blistering speed.

It is very motivating to see others grow as well.

You actually jumped by 41 Hive in 1 week that is quite impressive. Go on like that man :-)

Yeah, thanks to coinbase earn :)

Loving watching this list grow each week, and amazed at the weekly earnings of some :) Thanks for the work @achim03.ctp

Some are really making impressive jumps :-). Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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