Tutorial how to increase your income from Start Earning Today

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Dear CTP friends, you probably all use the downline builder Start Earning Today which is a great tool.

One of the programs in this downline builder is Freebitcoin.

I've been claiming from this faucet for several years and it's among my favourite ones. I've prepared a little video to show you how you can increase your income from this faucet quite interestingly. It's just a matter of two settings. I've learned that actually very few people were aware of this and it might help you on the way ;-).

Change your income from Freebitcoin just with two little settings

Do you like to use faucets?

If yes, you might want to check out the list of my favourite faucets

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Thank you for sharing this!

Thanks a lot for the tip!

I never knew about these settings glad I watched your video

Thanks a lot for your comment!

yes, it was a great help. I doubled by bitcoin over the course of 24 hours...

LOL This is absolutely brilliant!

Thank you so much for sharing this. Wow, had no idea.

I've been using this for quite a time and when things become familiar, we tend to believe that everybody knows about it;-).

Hi! 😃

Wow this is such a surprise and great to know! I am going to do this. I never got winnings from the lottery tickets either..

Thanks for doing this! You rock 😊🙌🧚

Thanks a lot for your comment. The lottery tickets are really for nothing ;-)

You're so welcome & yes, I agree about the lottery tickets and the supposed cars 🤣🤣

Omg that is awesome!!
That gave me motivation to get back to it again lol
Thank you!!

I'm happy it could motivate you to go back to freebitcoin. Well you have been very busy lately I believe ;-)

Awesome, I knew about turning off the lottery tickets but didn't know about the reward points... I have 100,777... but I like the idea of multiplying my hourly bonus!! And then also multiplying my reward points.... Thanks a lot!!

You could use your reward points to encash ;-)

I like the idea of multiplying my hourly bonus!! And then also multiplying my reward points

I forgot to speak about the multiplying reward points. It's possible to use reward points to multiply the hourly bonus and also the reward points. We can run both bonuses at the same time.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Another thing I do, is NOT cash out, I leave it in there to gather interest!!

That's actually the best part about freebitcoin ;-)

Wow thanks a lot for sharing this great info Achim, I will use that immediately.

Thanks for stopping by!


great info thank you very much

You are welcome. Thanks for your comment!

Great information, @achim03! Thanks for sharing!

No problem ;-)

Thank you for sharing your secrets. It is much appreciated.

Thanks for the feed-back!

Great tips! Thank you, @achim03.ctp! I claim several times a day from Freebitcoin, so this will certainly make a difference.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

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