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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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This week I want to dive deeper into NFT creation. It's exciting but there is a lot to assimilate and not so many ways to apply the learned stuff.


I would love to learn about NFTs as well. However since I am new to hive and there is so much here, I need to focus and improve on my current goals otherwise I will spread myself to thin and no get anything completed. LOL

One step at a time. It's difficult to grasp everything from the beginning :-)

We've got some things we're working on on the NFT angle for CTP too....Secret Project #485954854940

That is really interesting, look forward to learning more :-)

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to learning more about it :-)

There is just so much to know and learn here

It's definitely a whole world to learn about :-)

More like Universe lol 😂

NFT is a massive rabbit hole for sure lol
Good luck with that adventure!
I will give more attention next time you do an auction before the nasty collectors some in last second ahahah

My Sister Rachel is a really good artist and I told her she needs to convert some of her artwork to an NFT and she said no. I guarantee a few months down the road a celebrity will be talking or another artist and my sister will ask do you know about this nft thing lol

It ends up like that most of the time for the skeptic lol

Skeptics crack me up, but I think that family sometimes doubt us more than strangers lol 😂

haha, that was bad luck lol

NFT's are something I have barely touched on.
I hope you can share what you learn here in this chat

I've learned a lot about Nft's and I will probably share some of it but I'll need a post for that ;-)