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RE: CTPSB goes DeFi

in The CTP Swarm3 months ago

The rest will be withdrawn every week or every second week. One third of it will go to CTPSB. It will be used to pay dividends to the delegators

Hey you won't be able to transfer CUB back to HE from next week .

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I've been working on trying to figure out the cheapest way to get value back to the Hive ecosystem. One solution would be to go over bLeo -> Leo but since there is no CUB - bLeo pair, it's necessary to go over BNB first. The unwrapping is also quite expensive with 1 Leo.

I've figured an alternative to swap cubs for BNB and then exchange them for Hive on Binance CEX. That seems the most cost efficient way.

Oh man that seems to be a lot of pain .

What do you think about just taking the BSC address of everyone and send CUB to that directly ?

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I don't know whether that would solve the problem since all transactions are costing something on BSC... Anyways, I will try to find ways to improve and save costs :-)

Well I mean we should see if there is any application over there which lets us send CUB to all users at once ( meaning in a single transaction ) .

That would help the costs , take a look at that option once too when you are exploring . Nonetheless really happy with what you are doing .