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RE: CTPSB goes DeFi

in The CTP Swarm3 months ago

Nice to hear about the Cub investment.
Another strategy you could use is to harvest maybe only once a month or less this would lessen the costs.
You could use the strategy like this compound for 15 days and then let it accumulate for 15 day and then harvest, this way you would reinvest 50% through compounding and harvet 50% at the end of the month.


When I did the harvesting today, the transaction fees ate about 30% of the profits. I want to come up with a solution where the fees are not higher than 10%. It's a pitty otherwise. The basic principle is to collect as many tokens together as possible and avoid transactions. I wonder what will happen to the transaction costs if BSC becomes even more popular? Maybe it will take the same road than ETH...

I don't know the whole selling point of that network is lower gas fees, so if the gas fees get just as expencive as regular ETH then that point would become mute.