Most people don't care what your doing but a small percent do

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Most people do not care what your doing online and some people even want to see you fail.
But why do you care what others think?
Let me tell you a little secret 95% of people fail online.
Also everyone has an opinion they are like buttholes cause most the time they stink too.
Unless someone is successful at what they do other peoples opinions really shouldn't matter.
Everyone is a critic and for some people this is all they have to give, is their opinions, opinions are not fact.
Listen to people you like, know and trust eveyone else is just giving an opinion.
You don't know what is going on behind the scenes in someones life their mindset and perspective may be broken.
Find leaders, people who are transparent and offer value.
Then share that with others because what has helped you could help others too.

It took a lot of time and takes to put out this video, we still didn't make it perfect but thats ok because we will get better because we take daily action to get better.
I know though that people will have their opinion or they will just ignore it but there is always that small percent that will believe in you and in my business that's all you need.

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You did a great job and I so enjoyed your children.

Thank you @salexa5 will be doing more so you will see them again

Hehehe... That was a great video! And I like the background story of rainbows and unicorns... :)

Your children are so cute.. and they have waited patiently until the end of the video for their "role"...

Made in Canva

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Thank you Zoltan @ph1102 they did a great job will be doing more with them just have to plan it out get them more involved it's what they want to do so going to encourage it.

Hi Thomas family.

It is nice that you are imparting financial education/ideas to your children's also.

Thank you @r1s2g3 they seem eager to get involved and i know they won't really learn it in school so expect to see more

That nice, school is for bookish knowledge only.

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